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SEO Basics for Online Small Businesses with Darren DeMatas of Orbit Local

SEO Basics for Online Small Businesses VIDEO REPLAY with Darren DeMatas of Orbit Local

How much do you know about SEO, really? It changes so fast and is so important to small businesses. Here’s your opportunity to review SEO basics and get professional advice on strategy.

Here is the Webinar video replay of Darren’s presentation. His answers to all our questions are at the end. You will not want to miss this event.

Read on in this post to find out why you should listen to Darren’s advice.

What This Video Replay Covers

  • 01:21 What this Webinar video replay covers
  • 02:05 How to approach SEO
  • 02:49 Why SEO is much harder today
  • 03:27 The rise of zero click searches (via SparkToro)
  • 04:24 Build and monetize websites with SEO for Local lead gen, ecommerce, software, affiliates including Amazon affiliates, publishers
  • 04:40 Most Important 5 Ranking Factors
  • 05:23 List of the 5 Main Ranking Factors: Website Quality, Website Relevancy, Page Relevancy, Page Strength, Website Strength
  • 05:52 How Google Works
  • 06:26 Align all 3: Search Intent, SERP Intent and 5 Ranking Factors
  • 06:57 How Google Interprets Search Intent and How Google Evaluates and Ranks Content based on that search intent
  • 08:23 Examine what type of content Google in ranking for a given search. Example: Listicles, Buyers Guides, only products as ads – no product pages or categories – you will never rank a product page if Google won’t show them!
  • 09:35 Correlational SEO

Website Quality

  • 10:16 Website Quality
  • 10:23 What is Website Quality
  • 10:57 What makes Google trust or distrust a website?
  • 11:45 How to Improve your Website Quality
  • 14:06 Website Speed Issues
  • 14:42 Crawling with Screaming Frog (Crawl 500 URLs for free)
  • 15:14 WordPress SEO Settings – pages to no-index
  • 15:45 Make sure your web designer/developer did not set your site to block robots
  • 16:21 What is E-A-T (and Why It Matters)
  • 17:22 E-A-T- Analysis (YMYL)

Website Relevancy

  • 19:28 Website Relevancy – how Google chooses the most relevant website for a search
  • 20:28 Ecommerce Example of how Google chooses the most relevant Product Category Page
  • 21:10 Checking Website Relevancy
  • 21:57 How to Improve Website Relevance (Focus on topics, not keywords)
  • 23:31 Buyer’s Journey: how to create content for different phases of the funnel
  • 24:24 Types of Content: Informational
  • 24:44 Ahrefs and SEMrush Tools to identify modifiers that may be easier to rank for high volume top of funnel (TOF) searches
  • 26:28 Types of Content: Money (Service), Business Leads modifiers
  • 29:03 How Keyword Clustering Works (to reduce the number of pages you need to create) 29:46 Keyword Clustering Tools: Cluster AI and Keyword Cupid
  • 31:07 Content Silo Structure Example

Page Relevancy

  • 31:51 Page Relevancy – how Google decides which pages are relevant
  • 32:32 Before and After BERT + what was keyword cannibalism in 2015 is now a smart siloing strategy – Megapages not working for many searches
  • 33:59 How to Improve Page Relevancy by targeting what Google is currently ranking
  • 34:52 On Page SEO: The “Big 3”: Title Tag, Meta Description, URL must all include your target keyword + secondary keywords
  • 36:16 On Page SEO: Key Signal Areas: H1, Alt Text, Body Text, etc.
  • 36:54 Natural Language Processing (NLP) / LSI Content Analysis
  • 37:25 How Content Analysis Tools Work: Surfer SEO, ClearScope, UseTopic
  • 38:12 Other Ranking Factors: Page and Website Strength
  • 39:46 Q&A

Who is Darren DeMatas?

What Darren is not is just an SEO. He worked in business development and marketing for a retail corporation with 32 brick and mortar stores and an 8-figure income.

Darren graduated with a B.S. in Journalism, Communication and Advertising. His MBA is in Internet Marketing. And he is co-founder of the local digital marketing agency Orbit Local.

Both his education and his experience focused on all things marketing including:

  • Brand development
  • PR
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media

He has founded successful internet marketing agencies. And his experience in business intelligence technology means he can measure the success of his efforts.

What small businesses need is not just technical SEO, although that is important. They need to know how to develop and execute strategies with both SEO and sales results in mind. 

And that is why we are very pleased that Darren agreed to do this webinar for our members.

Why Watch This Webinar?

Darren’s advice has been published by SEMrush. See his Case Study: How an Ecommerce Site Increased Search Traffic by 1780%. 

And you can get an idea of the quality of his presentations on SlideShare. It isn’t every day that a busy marketing executive can make time to share his years of experience.

But the best way to understand why BizSugar Live Webinars are worth attending is to encourage you to watch our previous webinars:

Or you can flip through the presentations in the posts above. They are jam-packed with the latest strategies. Watch them to propel your small business to greater success.

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