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How to Choose Your Marketing Strategy, Do LESS Marketing and Make More Money!

VIdeo Replay How to Choose Your Marketing Strategy Do LESS Marketing and Make More Money with Ivana Taylor

How much of the time and money you spend on marketing fails to generated any return on investment? Estimates have varied from 26% in this Rakuten survey up to half. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Watch the video replay of our BizSugar Live Webinar event. Ivana Taylor, publisher of, shared how to choose your marketing strategy.

Automate Your Marketing Strategy

Ivana will share what she has learned over her decades specializing in marketing. Here is just a sample of what she will cover:

  1. Find out why marketing has been such a waste of your time and money.
  2. Discover a simple marketing process and plan that will eliminate 80% of the time and money you’ve been wasting on failed marketing.
  3. Create a simple and focused marketing plan that you can automate on less than $17 a day.

Who is Ivana Taylor?

Ivana teaches small businesses, consultants and freelancers how to automate their marketing on less than $17 a day. She has spent hours testing the latest marketing platforms and tools.

Why should you struggle to figure out what will work best for you when you can find out based on actual testing with real small businesses?

Ivana will share what works best for small business:

  • Low-cost marketing ideas
  • Referral strategies
  • Influencer marketing campaigns

Whatever you want to know about marketing, come and ask. Ivana can advise on all things DIY Marketing. If you have a marketing challenge, Ivana has the answers you need.

Where to Reach Ivana Taylor

Ivana is easy to reach online:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter @DIYMarketers
  • @Bizapalooza Twitter chat hashtag #BizapaloozaChat

We hope you enjoy the video replay of her event (above).

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