BizSugar Blog ยป Member Spotlight: Ghost Writer David Leonhardt on EGO NetCast Podcast

Member Spotlight: Ghost Writer David Leonhardt on EGO NetCast Podcast

Ego NetCast BizSugar Members David Leonhardt

Featuring BizSugar members has always been popular with our users. We’ve launched a new way to get to know each other. Thanks to our member Martin Lindeskog, we will have regular podcast episodes on his EGO NetCast podcast.

The first episode explained what we’re doing here at BizSugar. Today, you can find out more about two of our most active BizSugar members as Martin is featuring David Leonhardt on this EGO NetCast podcast.

Who is David Leonhardt?

David Leonhardt is the owner of The Happy Guy Marketing (THGM Writers), a freelance writers’ agency offering professional writers and ghostwriters. If you’ve ever wanted to author your own book, but don’t have the time or need assistance, you can contact David.

Besides ghost writing, David is also the best promoter of content I’ve ever run across. You can find him as @Amabaie on just about every social media, bookmarking and sharing site that exists including BizSugar Sharing.

He is also a regular in the BizSugar Mastermind.

You can โ€‹listen to the EGO NetCast episode with David Leonhardt here.

I love his advice in the podcast where he says we need to “be everywhere” and “remain top of mind” because you never know where and when someone may find you who needs your service.

The broader and more scattered your audience, the more true that is! Make sure you are easy to find wherever your potential customers are spending their time. Listen to David’s advice on how he manages to do that with the same limited amount of time each of us has per day.

How to Become More Influential

Interested in getting more traffic to your business or site? Want to become more visible or influential? You will want to listen to this podcast. Then follow David and Martin and interact with them.

We can all learn a lot from David as he is well known across social media and in blogging and freelance writing circles. To make it easier for members to find him, here are some of David’s links to get you started:

David has accounts on every major social network, bookmarking site and voting site. Wherever you’re active, look for him there as @Amabaie or under his name.

Ghost Writer David Leonhardt Podcast Interview

You can listen to the podcast in this post by clicking play below:

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Find Out More about Podcasting and BizSugar

Want to know more about our Ego NetCast Podcast host? Visit Martin Lindeskog’s Tea Book Sketches at the Tea Room Powered by Palapa. Also check out Podcasting 101: How to Guest On, Start, Run and Develop a Podcast: AMA with Martin Lindeskog.

Would you like to listen to our previous podcast? Go to the EGO NetCast Podcast Featuring Gail Gardner, BizSugar Mastermind Community Manager.

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