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Member Spotlight: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging on EGO NetCast Podcast

Ego NetCast BizSugar Members Janice Wald

The latest EGO NetCast Podcast features member Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging. This is the third podcast in the BizSugar Member Spotlight series.

The first two episodes were:

  1. Gail Gardner, BizSugar Mastermind Community Manager
  2. Ghost Writer David Leonhardt

The first episode is a good introduction to all of BizSugar from the Mastermind and Sharing to the main site and the tools found there. David shared why he loves BizSugar and tips on how to become more influential.

Listen to this interview with Janice to hear her tips on marketing your blog or business online and off.

You can listen to the EGO NetCast episode with Janice Wald here

Who is Janice Wald?

Janice is a long-time active member of BizSugar Sharing and an early member of BizSugar Mastermind. She is best known for her site Mostly Blogging, recipient of Infinity Blog Awards’ Best Marketing Blog 2019.

Janice is the author of several books:

She is also a prolific guest blogger and has been published on dozens of sites besides her own. Some of her most popular content includes:

Janice has been interviewed or quoted over sixty-five times and has many testimonials and recommendations including:

She runs a first-class blogging tips blog at Mostly Blogging chock full of practical advice that you can read, seize and use for your benefit. Janice and her guest posters put out a dizzying array of helpful, usable content. ~ Ryan Biddulph

Janice chose the name Mostly Blogging so that she could share tips beyond just blogging. In this podcast, she talks about the importance of marketing your site offline as well as online. Listen in to find out if she mentions any methods you haven’t used.

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Where to Find Janice

You can connect with Janice using these links:

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Reference Links for Subjects Mentioned in this Episode

In the next episode, the featured BizSugar member will be Lisa Sicard of InspiretoThrive.

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