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34 Experts Speak at Alignable Sponsored SmallBizAid Live Virtual Event

SmallBizAid Live Virtual Events

How much could your business benefit from expert advice? What if you could hear from 34 experts — and it won’t cost you a penny! We have the huge live virtual event coming up for you on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Register Now for virtual eventThousands of business owners like you answered a survey asking what they really wanted to know. And based on that, 12 workshops were created. Full details at

And the most exciting part is that many of the workshops have panels of 3-4 people knowledgeable about that specific topic. So you get the benefit of hearing from multiple viewpoints in those sessions.

Other sessions are presentations by subject matter experts with actionable advice to grow your business.

Register for All Three Tracks to Choose Which Sessions to Attend Live

Attendees will be able to attend every session of two of the three tracks live if they wish. Track 1 runs first and then Tracks 2 and 3 run concurrently. But you can choose sessions from either track to get your questions answered live.

  • Track 1 Your New Digital Customer runs from 11 am EDT/8 am PDT to 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT ending at 3 pm EDT/noon PDT
  • Track 2 Your (Gentle) Intro to Digital 3 pm EDT/12 noon PDT – 6 pm EDT/3 pm PDT ending at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT
  • Track 3 Your Digital Upgrades 3 pm EDT/12 noon PDT – 6 pm EDT/3 pm PDT ending at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT

Each session runs exactly 1 hour with a hard stop. But any questions not answered live can be answered in the Alignable community associated with that event.

Exceptional Workshop Panels

Benefit from the experience of the 3-4 panelists in 9 of the 12 workshops. Topics range from Getting Found More Often” to Your Website Sucks- Now What?”

Some have a customer focus including Your Customers Have Thoughts”. If you’ve ever wondered what to do about customer reviews — how to get more good ones and whether to respond to bad ones — this topic is for you.

And would you believe we have 3 top experts from the Google My Business and Facebook spaces on this panel?

Two Google My Business Platinum Product Experts:

Plus Facebook expert:

“Getting Found More Often” will be easier once you hear from Mike, Ben and SEO researcher Bill Slawski, Go Fish Digital. This is just a sampling of the sessions and the caliber of experts participating.

Get the full details on all the sessions at or click one of the blue buttons to go to the registration form:

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How to Compete with Amazon

“How to Compete with Amazon” is shaping up to be one of the most popular workshops. Every ecommerce site owner and even local small businesses can benefit from attending this panel.

Panelists for this workshop include:

  •   Shep Hyken

    Shep is a customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.

    Shep works with companies and organizations that want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His articles have been read in hundreds of publications, and he is the author of 7 books. His latest book I’ll Be Back: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again comes out September 21, 2021. He is also the creator of The Customer Focus™, a customer service training program that helps clients develop a customer service culture and loyalty mindset.

  • Alex Rossman

    Alex is President of Rossman Media. They were awarded “Best Social Media Agency” of 2020 by Business Insider. They believe this is because of their award-winning customer acquisition strategies and technology. Their mission is to help growing brands engage and convert more customers through award-winning social media strategies.

    This includes social media management and optimization, social media advertising, and social branding and strategy. Rossman Media has worked with businesses in eCommerce, SaaS, technology, real estate, medical, entertainment, sports & fitness, and finance. They work with businesses of all sizes. Airbnb, Bose, Nike and OrangeTheory have all worked with them.

  • Steve Chou

    Steve is a full-time entrepreneur and founder of My Wife Quit Her Job. His blog and podcast teach how to start an ecommerce store and sell physical products online. And he also runs an associated Facebook Community of 14.1k members. His friends and fans use it to “freely communicate and discuss marketing, ecommerce, products to sell, and other online business interests”.

  • Earnest Epps

    Earnest is an international speaker, digital marketing entrepreneur, and CEO of High Ticket eCom Secrets. With over 12+ years of marketing and sales experience, Earnest has been able to take both offline and online marketing strategies to combine them into a marketing powerhouse for running a successful e-commerce business.

    Earnest used to be a prisoner to the typical 9-5 cubicle life that most people live their entire lives pursuing but he was able to break those chains by figuring out all the hidden secrets of dropshipping. So, through very simple methods of building a dropshipping business, he’s now able to run his businesses from home or anywhere in the world and spend time with his wife and four boys.

And that is the line-up for just 1 of the 12 sessions. 9 of the sessions have multiple panelists. 3 are actionable presentations.

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Educational Presentations on Ecommerce and Websites

There is something for everyone at this event. Two sessions are specific to doing e-commerce. Another is about developing your first website or improving the one you have.

E-Commerce 101 – A Checklist

Discover everything you need to know to set up a successful e-commerce site. And you won’t believe who we have preparing and presenting this information:

  • John Lawson, Business Coach. John is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author his entrepreneurial spirit helped him achieve a level of success that few obtain. After consulting Fortune 100 companies at Accenture, he took his expertise to the world of small business, today mentoring entrepreneurs on topics such as social commerce, online marketing tactics and ecommerce strategies.John is a small business power player listed as one of the Top 50 SMB Influencers by All Business. Recognized for his work in ecommerce, John received two Small Business Influencer awards from and won “Business Book of The Year” for his book “Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-prenuers”. He runs the 8k member eCommerce Facebook group. And you can also follow John @ColderICE on IG, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Getting Your First Website Right (or a New, Better Website)

Whether you’ve been online for years (or decades) or are finally ready to get your first site, there is a lot to know. Come benefit from the experience of two experts who can help you make sure  your website generates sales:

  • Stoney deGeyter, SocketMobile. Stoney is an innovative digital marketing leader, author, and speaker with a 22-year history of developing, implementing, and teaching transformative digital marketing strategies. Considered a thought leader and team builder, Stoney has taken companies to #1 in their industry overseeing a 1200% growth rate over 7 years. He assisted another client in increasing revenue from under $100k to over $5M within 5 years. His strategic oversight transformed under-performing paid and organic marketing efforts.
  •   Kerch McConlogue, We Fix Broken Websites. Kerch McConlogue is a front-end developer, writing code by hand for 18 years and using WordPress for 16. She has spoken on topics like playing with WordPress, SEO, talking to designers and developers when you aren’t one at several MeetUps and WordCamps (one or two-day events on all things WordPress).Her passion is helping WordPress novices to understand the basic care and feeding of their own sites and to get past their fears of breaking the internet. Kerch has also been a process control analyst for a now defunct steel company, a paper-cut artist, a producer of really big events, an ADHD coach, and she traveled with a circus for 16 days across the state of Maryland.

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The E-Commerce Back-End

Getting an ecommerce site up isn’t as complicated as it once was. But knowing how to handle inventory — especially if you plan to do cross-platform selling — is a greater challenge.

  • Alexa Allamano is the owner of sustainable jewelry brand, Foamy Wader, and Author of The Scan to Shop Solution. Her multi-faceted business approach and lived experience — juggling a brick & mortar, e-commerce, wholesale, and pop-up events since 2007 — equipped her with the knowledge to innovate the Scan to Shop method. Alexa teaches small business owners how to utilize QR codes and capitalize on impulse buying 24/7 by adding literal window shopping to their omnichannel sales.Register Now for virtual event

Who is Behind SmallBizAid?

This inaugural event is presented by

Register Now for virtual eventWe hope you will join us and take advantage of this huge event. Go to the Event page at for full details on all of the sessions. Or click one of the blue Register Now buttons to go directly to the registration form.

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