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How Merchant Accounts Work and How to Easily Get One

How Merchant Accounts Work VIDEO REPLAY

Have you ever wondered how merchant accounts work? Have you been thinking about getting one, but aren’t sure where to start? Or how to evaluate what company to choose?

Check out the video replay to find out.

What is a Merchant Account?

Merchant accounts make it possible for a small business to accept payments via credit card. And the more methods you accept, the higher your sales can be.

A merchant account can also handle recurring payments for subscriptions. Read their post How to Choose a Merchant Service Provider to find out more.

How Do Merchant Accounts Work?

Basically, a merchant account accepts money from a credit card company and puts it into your business bank account.

The main thing to know about merchant accounts is that they can be tricky to understand. Business owners really need to read the fine print.

There is often some tricky language. Merchant account providers have ways to charge you far more than you expected!

Who is Danny Trevena?

Danny Trevena works on the Merchant Recruitment team at Helcim. He is originally from Yorkton Saskatchewan but now calls Calgary home.

His role is to meet with small businesses (SMBs) to discuss how Helcim could potentially help their business take payments.

Danny can explain everything from:

  • How the payments industry works
  • Which Helcim tools would best work for your business
  • Why Helcim can be a fit for their business

Danny shared all these details in the Webinar. Watch the video above to find out more.

What is Helcim?

Helcim is a payments company who believes in giving small businesses every possible edge to thrive and enrich our communities.

They deliver an easier, smarter, and more affordable payment experience with a human touch. Small businesses can open an account for free with no contracts or monthly fees.

Helcim permits you to accept credit cards, send invoices, and set up recurring payments. The provide virtual terminals so that you can accept charge cards remotely.

They are based in Canada with an office in Seattle. And their customer service is located there, too.

Free Online Store Builder with Free Hosting

Merchant accounts originally only offered the ability to accept credit cards. However, Helcim offers a free online store builder with free hosting.

Their solution manages your inventory, provides a credit card vault, and handles PCI compliance — all at no charge. They only get money from the credit card processing.

And their site claims they have lower rates due to low margins and smarter tools.

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Disclaimer: We do not have direct experience with Helcim. However, because their offer is of interest to many of our members, we invited them to do a Webinar for our BizSugar Mastermind. This is not a sponsored post.

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