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Demystifying Google Ads: PPC Fundamentals for Small Businesses

BizSugar Live REPLAY Demystifying Google Ads PPC Fundamentals for Small Businesses

Google Ads can be one of the very fastest and best ways for a small business to generate sales. But you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know how to control your ad spend and targeting.

Watch this video to find out how you can increase your profitability and return on investment (ROI) using Google Ads (also known as Google AdWords).

Who is Lior Krolewicz?

Lior Krolewicz is the CEO of Yael Consulting, an online marketing consultancy, where he helps eCommerce and lead generation businesses grow profitably online.

His unique experience positions Lior to provide a unique online marketing consulting services to small businesses worldwide. And he loves working with small businesses.

Lior managed online marketing budgets of over $1 million per month at one of the nation’s large marketing agencies. In 2011, Lior decided to bring these world-class, proven marketing techniques to small businesses.

As an ex-Special Ops commander, he is passionate about being a true Google Ads expert and developing high-performance teams and helping small businesses “win” online.

Where to Reach Lior

Having been a pay-per-click (PPC) specialist for 5.5 years, I strongly advise small businesses to have their accounts reviewed. It could save you a lot of money and greatly increase profitability.

You can get a free Google Ads consultation from Lior here.

And you can also read his advice online in Small Business Trends and here on the BizSugar blog. For example:

You can also find Lior online at LinkedIn and Twitter.

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17 thoughts on “Demystifying Google Ads: PPC Fundamentals for Small Businesses

  • This is amazing. Right timing to refresh my skills in PPC. I was a pro at it back in 2009 then became a programmer. Now I built things and need to market it. Keep up the great content!!!
    I heard about it sushant gupta defsys blog.

    • Hi Alice,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I was a PPC expert back in the early days, too. It has changed a lot, mostly making it much more expensive and challenging to control costs.

      So I’m really looking forward to hearing Lior’s recommendations. Did you check out some of his other recent content on Google Ads? Another of his posts will go live here tomorrow.

  • Hello Gail,

    Lior Krolewicz is doing great work salut you sir 🙂. I have no words to describe his helping and honesty. Lior Krolewicz is great, awesome and superb. He gives us very good online money earning tips and also give suggestions for enhancing our business, Wow. Thank You Gail I will never forget your favor for introducing us to such a nice person.


  • I became an AdWords pro in 2006 in Australia. It was a great time to be active in the industry. We made a lot of money for our clients. Millions. And you could advertise and get to the top of the results by following the rules Google laid out. Cost per acquisition were reasonable and all parties benefited.

    Nowadays, I just don’t see the same ability to enter the local market, even at a hyper-local scale. You can set up your account perfectly and yet, a day or two after you start and get some great performance, the algorithm will start to price you out of the market.

    Costs per click to get on the page are $10 and above for most keywords. Soon, even a small company’s budget is AUD$5,000 per month – and that’s just table stakes, not high performance.

    I’d love to go back to the days of $1.50 and $2 clicks, but it’s not my experience in Australia any longer and my experience is pretty common amongst my peers.

    Thanks for the refresher and best of luck.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I specialized in PPC in the days even earlier than you. Back then, I could get nickel clicks for most clients. Others were paying $1+ for real estate and I was getting clicks at a quarter.

      I had many successful clients whose budgets were only $100 a month. Even $500/mo was a small client. And I was also subcontracted one with a $50k/mo budget and took 2 clients to $1 Million+ a year in sales.

      But those were the golden days of PPC that are long gone. Search is still the best-converting, but maybe Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger ads are a better way to go today?

      I hope Lior comes and responds to your comment. I’ll ping him and let him know about it. He may not have experience in the Australian market which could differ. But he may have insights to share.

    • Hey Neil, yes… it used to be a bit simpler and cheaper back then 😐 !

      With time competition got fiercer as Google pushed to make it accessible for more businesses and more businesses began advertising online.

      At minimum, we need to approach Google Ads in a more sophisticated and careful way. There is usually a way to win online with Google Ads, if you have a viable business. It just requires a lot more expertise to see through all the fancy new features and stick to the fundamentals that work.

      The questions shifts to how to make more expensive clicks still convert to profitable customers.

      I appreciate your comment and feedback! Best, Lior

  • This article simplifies Google Ads PPC fundamentals for small businesses. Clear and concise explanations with actionable insights. A must-read for entrepreneurs!

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