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Introducing the “New” BizSugar

Introducing the new BizSugar

Big news!  We’re proud to announce exciting new additions to BizSugar. Consider it the “new BizSugar”.

Have you seen the new home page? Well check it out!  The BizSugar home page is here.

We’ve added some cool features on the “new” part of the site — and many more are coming.  Those features include:

  • Free tools Including calculators, templates and scorecards
  • Mastermind Community – A private members community to get the wisdom of the crowd to start, manage and grow a business.
  • Events We will have community events, including Ask me Anything sessions; monthly challenges; and training sessions.

There will also be special resources such as manuals and guides just for members.

And much more to come.  This is only the beginning.

Can I Still Share My Content?

Yes, of course!

Everything you do on BizSugar today and in the past, you will still be able to do.  There’s just more to do — and a lot more will be coming.

The part of the site where you share your content has been moved to a subdomain, as you’ve noticed.

Your sharing account for BizSugar sharing remains intact. You’re still able to access it, just like always. You’ll just be in a different part of the site.

Share your content here.

Who is on the BizSugar Team?

Many of the people you’ve known for years at BizSugar are still around. Heather Stone, Martin Lindeskog and I (Shawn) are involved in the site.  None of that changes.  So you will see friendly faces.

We’ll be joined by Gail Gardner. She is our new Community Manager for the Mastermind Group.

Anita Campbell continues to own the site, as she has for the past almost 10 years.

And we’re proud to say that quite a few BizSugar members have been around for almost that long.

If I’m a BizSugar Member, am I Automatically in the Mastermind Group?

We definitely want you in the Mastermind Group. But you have to join separately.  After all, we don’t want to assume anything.

But please join. It’s a simple process. Go here, add your name and email address. Click the button. Boom, you’ll be in!

Gail Gardner will explain more about the the Mastermind Group and what you can expect, later in another post.

Why This Change?

Even with all the benefits BizSugar has provided members over the years, we’re looking for a way to add more value.

You may recall that Anita Campbell, also founder of Small Business Trends, acquired BizSugar way back in 2009.

How many of you remember when sites like Digg were super popular? Digg, founded in 2004, was once the height of social media in its day.  It was a place where you could share blog posts and others would upvote them.

What do they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Hundreds if not thousands of voting sites were soon launched.

BizSugar was one such site founded in 2007 by DBH Communications (later sold to Anita Campbell).

I personally have been involved in one capacity or another for nearly a decade. Along the way we’ve held popular contests — and profiled top contributors. We even won an award for our technology.

We’re also proud to have published a “top stories” newsletter every week for almost 10 years!

But things have changed. Today there are innumerable places to share content — from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to Instagram and Pinterest.

BizSugar is unique for being JUST for small business people and entrepreneurs. And we’ve worked hard to maintain that niche focus.  While other sites succumbed to the siren’s call of celebrity gossip and other entertainment content, we’ve stuck to our small business mission.

While we will continue with content sharing, we want to add more value.

Without going into too much detail, we’ll be rolling out more new and exciting features over the coming months.

Can You Give Us More of a Hint?

We hope to also offer opportunities for you in the community to generate revenue and earn money. So stay tuned for that, as the vision unfolds.

We’ve also dedicated more resources to make improvements.  And that’s thanks, in part, to Zoho which kindly provided their Zoho One technology to build parts of the site.  This enables us to highlight the capabilities of the Zoho One suite of products.

Many thanks also to the small business owners, entrepreneurs, contributors and readers who have made BizSugar such a success!

We know you will want to join us on the next leg of the journey. Look for a new adventure full of resources and tools to make your small business better.  Stay tuned.

Join the BizSugar Mastermind Community

“If you feel that being around other small business owners is a good thing, and you want to be in the know about all things business, you should join the BizSugar Mastermind Community. It’s a great place to engage with like-minded, enthusiastic entrepreneurs.”  – The Franchise King® Joel Libava


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