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Find Business Answers Using Our New BizSugar Advisors Directory

Find Business Answers Using Our New BizSugar Advisors Directory

Do you have a small business that could use some advice on strategy? Are you struggling with implementation? And, do you know who to trust when it comes to hiring talent?

BizSugar is happy to announce a solution to those challenges: our BizSugar Advisors Directory.

Through it, our members offer their services. And small businesses everywhere can hire our advisors. Find experts to manage tasks you don’t have the desire or in-house skills to handle.

How to Use the Advisors Directory

We’ve made it very simple to identify the advisors who have the skills you need. Simply go to the BizSugar Advisors Directory.

On the left, under “Expertise” you will see the typical tasks a small business would need.

Check the box in front of any option. Our directory database will filter advisors and show only those who have indicated experience in that field.

BizSugar Advisors Directory main page screen capture

All of our advisors have extensive experience. We have personally worked with many of them. Others have shared their areas of expertise in our Mastermind Community.

Listen to the EGO NetCast podcast episode that explains the BizSugar Mastermind Community here.

Not a member? No problem. You can join the BizSugar Mastermind Community by clicking the button below.

Join the BizSugar Mastermind Community

Members are encouraged to:

  • Assist each other
  • Share their knowledge
  • List their services in our advisor directory.

We would love to welcome you into our community.

How to List Your Services

We currently have 36 advisors offering their services in our directory. Their skills cover twenty categories of expertise commonly needed by small businesses.

And we are actively recruiting additional advisors. Are you interested in being listed? Leave a comment in this post. We will contact you via email.

Hiring Talent through Our Advisor Directory

Need assistance? If you identify the person you would like to hire, feel free to reach out to them directly. Contact us if you would like a specific referral.

As Mastermind Community Manager, I have notes and additional information on each advisor. Because I know and have worked with many of them personally, I can introduce you to the best fit for you!

Success Stories

We have already successfully recommended one of our advisors to a business looking for advanced implementation.

Paul Erdal of Payment Solution Consultants wanted an automated method for capturing what visitors to their site needed.

His vision included:

  • Automatically generating a report that would be sent to the visitor
  • Creating a CRM entry
  • And attaching a copy of the report so that his team would have these details when following up.

Fortunately, we knew just the consultant to recommend. Ivana Taylor of DIYMarketers, one of our Advisory Board members, had previously hired him for advanced implementations.

We were able to immediately introduce Paul to Jharry Guevara, CEO of Online Business Empires. Jharry is also advising on Zoho Flow implementation for BizSugar.

Why get bogged down wading through reviews of consultants on a freelancing site? We are able to offer a highly qualified person with specialized skills.

Periodically, we will highlight and share member success stories such as these. We would love to give your small business a boost by featuring it in our blog and to our 25,000+ members.

What Skills Does Your Business Need?

Do you already know what you need? We encourage you to use our Advisor Directory. Not really sure? Ask us. We’re happy to assist.

10 thoughts on “Find Business Answers Using Our New BizSugar Advisors Directory

  • Gail you have done an awesome job of leading the effort to put this together. It’s a resource that is sorely needed as small businesses need things done that are outside of their core competencies, and having a trusted place to find expert assistance paves the way for them to get things done the right way.

    • Hi Brent,

      Thank you so much for all your assistance with this project, Brent. Anything we can all do to spread the word will enable us to benefit so many more small businesses and the agencies and freelancers who serve them.

    • Hi Nexa,

      I’m not sure where you mean as BizSugar has multiple subdomains. However, I can tell you that no one can publish on the BizSugar blog. And content submitted to BizSugar sharing must be relevant to small businesses.

      Having looked at your site, I don’t see any content that would be relevant in sharing. You could be active in the Mastermind community. However, that is where businesses share what works for them.

      Sadly, too many people just want to paste ads which no one will read. Communities are for collaborating and engaging — not advertising.

      If you elaborate on what you were trying to do, I could assist you further.

  • Thank you very simply identifying the advisors As a Digital marketing strategist in Thrissur I am really satisfied BizSugar Advisors Directory was very helpful.

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