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Sharing Small Business News Via Social Media

When you share small business news through social media here at BizSugar or anywhere around the Web, you boost your authority as an expert with your network creating the opportunity for referrals, partnerships and other connections based on your unique knowledge.

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As Greg Fry of Bloggertone and a regular BizSugar contributor explains, “Sharing is caring and good for your personal brand.” (See his video below.)

Obviously, here at BizSugar, we feel we’ve built one of the finest small business social media sites around for sharing information and resources with members of the online business community. For more on why, see this rundown by another big fan, business blogger and business writer Yonatan Maisel. (Thanks, Yoni!)

Share your own content

As Greg explains in this video, creating great content on your blog and then failing to share it can be a waste of a huge opportunity. Sharing your own content is often easier than you think. (Check out this simple tutorial on how to share content on the BizSugar community or install voting buttons on your blog with this simple code.)

Share someone else’s

Sharing your own blog posts or other information isn’t the only way to promote your brand and expertise on the BizSugar community or through social media in general. Become a great source of information and be sought out not only for the information you create but also for the information you share.

Share the latest news and info

Share news and information from online versions of the traditional news media or information and resources from the top professional and member organizations on the Web plus reports, data and anything else useful to your community. Rest assured, you will be building your brand as a helpful member of the community and a source of key business information, tools and resources.

Share video and podcasts

As we’ve mentioned before here at the BizSugar blog, online video marketing has become a key component of online business and social media. Share a good selection of online video along with other resources in your social media space and be sure to let others know by tagging your submissions as video content making it easier for other members to locate.

Share your comments

Leaving thoughtful comments on other submissions can help start conversations, create relationships, get others interested in who you are and what you do and build your brand and expertise by how you react, add and contribute to the thoughts of others in the community.

Share your favorites

The Bizsugar community allows you to share favorite links, both your own and those submitted by others, with the community at large, simply by clicking the “favorite” icon, a bright star beneath each link on the BizSugar site. Other social networks allow a variety of methods to bookmark your favorite submissions, making your home profile the place to visit for valuable business information and resources.

Share your love

Many communities allow you to vote or in some other way show your approval for the best submissions the community has to offer. Lending your approval by voting helps others find the most valuable content in your community and also form a better idea of your interests and ideas. The stories you vote on show others what you think and the ideas you represent.


For more on how to make BizSugar or any other social media platform work as a tool for sharing small business news with your small business network see our tutorial post “Build Small Business Traffic with,” and thanks again for visiting the community.

5 thoughts on “Sharing Small Business News Via Social Media

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  • I often feel that what is missing is real, concrete help for the small business. Strategies that can help them increase revenue now, not in some distant future that may never develop.

    Small manufacturing, engineering and design companies are regularly bypassing a strategically important revenue source. This is the protection of their intellectual property. A great number have developed products that could be patented, but neglect this aspect. An entire industry has been formed by the larger companies which know how to use patents to gain ownership rights, thus maximizing profits and discouraging competition. They also can create a revenue stream through contesting the patent status of their competitors. These services are usually provided to large companies by large law firms, but in reality the smaller companies could be reaping the same benefits. In today’s marketplace it’s a real shame the smaller guys let this revenue stream go untouched.
    Our company works to help smaller companies use these same strategies.

  • Hi Shawn, thanks for featuring Greg’s video, installing the Bizsugar button on your blog is a really effective way to encourage your readers to share content. Highly recommended!

  • Hi Shawn,

    I’m happy to share small business/franchise content whenever I’m able!

    (Plus, bizSugar makes it super-easy to do!)

    Just add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks list, and wella!

    The Franchise King®

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