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Build Small Business Traffic With

Not only can you find great small business news and information here, but did you know you can build small business traffic to your Website, blog or social media site with

It’s true. Watch the video below to learn more:

Remember, you don’t need to submit one of your own articles in order to benefit from the small business traffic the BizSugar community can generate.

So to review:

  • Share great content and other users who value your opinion will follow your profile link to find out more about you, your Website and where else they may be able to connect with you on the Web
  • Vote on stories and both the story submitter and other users will follow the link you leave back to your profile and may decide to visit your sites or share the links with others.
  • Comment on stories and if your comments are interesting and insightful showing someone who has read and thoroughly understood a subject, users will seek out your profile and the links back to your sites.

It’s a recipe for success both for regular contributors and members and the BizSugar community.

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