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Latest BizSugar Newsletter is Up!

Are you receiving the BizSugar newsletter?  What???? You say you haven’t heard about the newsletter?  Well, let me tell you about it.

Each Friday like clockwork we put out an email newsletter.  Amanda, one of our Moderators, is in charge of the newsletter and she does a great job putting it together.  It usually goes out before noon, Eastern U.S. time. The newsletter goes out to over 6,000 subscribers.

BizSugar Newsletter

The newsletter is simple and sweet (of course!).  Usually the top of the newsletter points out the latest post here at the blog.  But the majority of the newsletter is about YOU and YOUR content.  It contains links to the top 10 submissions on BizSugar for the week, as measured by the number of votes.

The newsletter is one of several ways great small business content gets visibility through BizSugar.  If the article or blog post you submit gets traction and enough votes, it gets publicized through at least four methods. It:

  1. makes it onto the home page of BizSugar
  2. is publicized on Twitter via the BizSugar Twitter feed
  3. is included in the blue-and-white Top 10 Widget that many sites display (see it on the right sidebar of this blog?)
  4. it gets featured in the weekly newsletter.

We’re committed to making sure the BEST small business content gets the visibility and readership it deserves.  Participating on BizSugar is a 2-way street.   If you participate by sharing and voting on submissions (not just your own, but others’ submissions), we’ll help get it in front of small business owners and stakeholders, entrepreneurs, professionals and others through one of the 4 mechanisms mentioned above.

Check out the latest edition of the BizSugar newsletter, for February 19, 2010.

If you’d like to subscribe, go here and register.

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