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Tell a Friend

We’ve been so gratified here at to see all the support we’ve received as our small business oriented online community and social media site continues to grow.

And because of all the interest, we continue to reach out to that same group of supporters again and again in an effort to grow the BizSugar community even further for the benefit of all its members.

Tell A Friend

How can a bigger community help you the BizSugar member?

Whether you are a small business owner or provide services to the small business community (or both) BizSugar supplies a one-of-a-kind network experience especially for those in your niche. No signal to noise ratio of unrelated topics. Our community of moderators works hard to make sure content is relevant to your needs and those of others in the small business community just like you.

But, of course, the more members of that community there are, the more resources for our members who can then use BizSugar as their ultimate small business network sharing helpful information, tips and news…and connecting with other BizSugar members perhaps as future clients, partners, customers and service providers.

This isn’t done through persistent self-promotion or product or service spamming in the place of community interaction. We don’t permit either here on BizSugar. See our recommended submission guidelines for more on this.

It’s done instead by offering and creating value in a place where good ideas and knowledge are exchanged (and, yes, perhaps partnerships are formed) through the power of community.

How can you help?

Simple. Here are three things you can do right now to strengthen the BizSugar community (and your own personal small business network at the same time):

  • Tell a friend. If every member of BizSugar right now told one friend about our small business community and convinced them to join, imagine what would happen to your small business network. Now imagine what would happen if each of us told, five or ten more people.
  • Get colleagues into the act. You may not need to e-mail or even wait for your lunch break to invite others into the BizSugar community. Are others in your organization involved and reaping the benefits of the BizSugar community? We think they should be.
  • Start a conversation. We’ve said before, it’s about the conversations. And we’ve had some great ones here at So when you’ve shared a link you think others should comment on, contact them and let them know.

There are plenty of online communities out there but, we believe, none with BizSugar’s unique and distinct focus to help small business succeed. Help us help you. Tell a friend about BizSugar today.

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