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It’s About the Conversations

Like any other online community or social network, small business social media site is all about the conversations.


Sure, we’ve told you all about what those conversations can do for you:

  • Share your best business articles with our small business community and create interest in your content and expertise by sharing helpful content with others just like you
  • Comment and vote on the submissions of others and help build traffic through your BizSugar profile
  • Build relationships with other members and leaders in our global small business community by using our free social networking features

But in the end there’s a much simpler reason to join and be part of the BizSugar community.

The same reason you might once have picked up (or maybe still do in this rapidly changing world) your local paper or favorite business publication reading not only the articles but op eds, letters to the editor and other conversations with your peers.

Maybe even taking part in those conversations when you are moved to do so?

This week, members of the BizSugar community have had some GREAT conversations:

These conversations are much more than simply marketing posts on your garden variety social media Website. They are conversations amongst thought leaders around the world.

And we believe they are the kind of conversations that make BizSugar special.

Please join us today and become part of the online community that is changing small business…one conversation at a time.

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