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Explore Our Small Business Categories

Explore our small business categories at

Beyond visiting the “Hot Topics” and “Recently Submitted” sections on the Internet’s rapidly growing small business social media Website, you can use the tabs at the top of the page to explore anyone of our 26 subcategories.


In addition to trendy topics like “social media” and “online marketing” you’ll find informative submissions in our “employee benefits,” “human resources,” “legal” and “self-development” sections just as important to your small business and you as a small business owner.

Our categories remain important because they:

  • Add value to the wealth and depth of information to be found here at
  • Provide opportunity for members to find detailed information suited to their specific needs and network with other business owners who may occupy their niche
  • Customize resources including creation of 26 distinct feeds with small business information geared to each user’s specific needs and able to be shared on their Websites by copying and pasting a single code
  • Develop community no matter what your strength or niche, we hope our categories will provide a new home for those interested in submitting business links on very specific topics

Don’t just explore our categories but find a few niches to call your own. Then submit and comment on topics and niches near and dear to your heart and find an audience of others who feel the same.

4 thoughts on “Explore Our Small Business Categories

  • A couple of people have asked recently why we don’t have a “small business” category. The reason is that the entire site is about small business topics.

    If you look at the website tagline, in the header, it says “share small business news and tips.”

    So if you start with that premise, then everything should somehow be related to small businesses.

    However, if we were to put in a category called “small business” it would quickly become a hodgepodge. Anything could go into that category.

    Then it becomes hard for people to search by topic, because the site then would end up being just a single category. We’d have “category dilution.”

    So I don’t think a single topic called “small business” is that useful on a site that is entirely about small business. I can certainly understand it on a different type of site, such as CNN, where the site covers all kinds of news for consumers, large businesses, etc. But not here where the single unifying theme is small business.

    That’s my thinking on that topic… but I am open to alternate opinions if anyone cares to weigh in.

    What do YOU think? Should we have a “small business” category?

    – Anita

  • Anita:

    I agree with you on this issue. A question about the tagline, “Share small business news and tips.” I have seen comments by users who are working at a mid-size or big company and still wants to submit entries to bizSugar, comment on general business news and tips that could be applicable to all kind of sizes, e.g, solo entrepreneurs, micro businesses, small businesses, mid-size and big companies. The term small and mid-size could be different on markets outside North America, other areas and countries.

  • Hey Martin, That’s a great point you raise.

    We certainly welcome tips from/about all size businesses. It’s just that our sweet spot is “small businesses” which I roughly define as businesses with 100 or fewer employees.

    To some people a business with 75 employees would be a midsize business. Some people might even consider it a “large” business.

    I guess we can’t be completely definitive. There will always be some vagueness.

    Maybe the definition of a small business vs. a midsize business vs. a large business would make a good post for Shawn to write about some time here on the blog … and we could ask readers what they think.


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