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Add Small Business Content to Your Website

Now you can add small business content in a variety of categories to your Website with a new widget from

Check the screen shot below and see the installment details and have your new widget up and running with fresh small business content within minutes:


Here are the 26 categories from which feeds are currently available through the new BizSugar widget:

To add a widget with freshly updated content to your blog or other Website, simply:

  • Visit the Widgets section of the BizSugar community
  • Scroll to BizSugar’s Top Stories Custom Widget
  • Select the category most closely related to content on your site
  • Carefully set the size you wish the widget to appear
  • Then generate the widget code and cut and paste it into the HTML of your own Website

We hope the fresh regularly updated links from your new BizSugar widget will help enhance your small business blog or Website with niche content specific to your needs. Happy posting!

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