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Six Tips to Make BizSugar Work for You

Our social media site is a great place to share articles, blog posts or other Websites with members of the small business community.

However, there are other ways to put to work for you and your small business network:

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  • Create a profile. Be sure to add a photo, a link to your Website, contact information and a bit more about you so that others reading a link you’ve shared or a comment you’ve made can visit you and connect with you if they wish.
  • Read. Check out what other contributors have shared with the BizSugar community. Be sure to click through, read the full post or article  and then share the articles you find with others in your small business network via blogs or other social media telling them about BizSugar and inviting them to visit us too.
  • Vote. Just like in a democracy, BizSugar works best if everyone participates and has their say. Voting for your favorite articles and posts helps let others in our community know what’s worthwhile not because of keywords or how it stacks up in a search engine ranking but because they know others whose opinion they value recommended it.
  • Share. Don’t just share the articles you find using BizSugar. You can share your favorite links through Twitter and with your other online contacts including information on who shared the article, how popular it is on the BizSugar network and any other discussion including comments left by other members.
  • Comment. Leave a comment sharing your thoughts about what you’ve read with the whole community. Invite others to comment on links you feel would be relevant to their particular niche or expertise. Start a discussion on a link or comment you find particularly interesting or important and invite others to take part.
  • Don’t Spam. We’ve tried to keep the positives to the forefront but it’s really necessary to remember that trying to hijack the conversation on a social network, especially one as tight knit and friendly as BizSugar, will win you no points, and probably no sales, from members. Don’t bother adding comments or links that are totally unrelated or sales pitches or get-rich-quick offers since such intrusions will either be deleted before anyone even see them or simply ignored by our members.

With the right approach, BizSugar can become a key part of your small business network, introducing you to others in small business with whom you can connect and sharing the most helpful links and insight from our loyal membership.

We invite you to join BizSugar and see what all the excitement is about or if you’re already a member, tell a friend.

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