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How to Get On the “Friends of BizSugar” Twitter List

Would you like to be included on the “Friends of BizSugar” Twitter list?

I set up the list on Twitter a few months ago.  Whenever I came across someone on Twitter I recognized from here at the BizSugar site, I’d add them.  But adding to the List has been hit or miss — until today.  Today I went through and added a bunch more people.  But I know we are still missing many of you.

If you actively participate here on the BizSugar site, we want to include you as a “Friend” on the “Friends of BizSugar” Twitter list.

BizSugar Twitter List

Here’s a short Q & A about the Friends list:

Q: How do you decide who goes on the Friends List?

A:  If you have a Twitter account and we recognize you as someone who participates here at the site as a good BizSugar citizen, we’ll be happy to include you.

Q: What does it take to be a good BizSugar citizen?

A:  Participate!  Here are some ways you can participate — pick a couple of these and jump in:

  • Set up a profile here at BizSugar.
  • Submit small-business news, tips, blog posts or articles
  • Vote on other people’s submissions.
  • Leave a helpful comment.
  • Upload your photo (remember, it’s hard for people to network with a sugar-cube!)
  • Fill out your profile page.
  • Hit the retweet button here on the site and share another member’s blog post on Twitter.

(Please don’t spam the site with off-topic stuff.  Make sure submissions are relevant and useful to small and midsize businesses.)

Q:  I participate here at, but I’m not on the Friends of BizSugar Twitter list.  How do I get on the List?

A: There are two ways to ask to be included on the “Friends of BizSugar” Twitter list.  Pick one of these two ways:

(1) Leave your Twitter handle in a comment to this post.

(2) Follow @BizSugar on Twitter.  Send us a tweet or a DM to make sure we don’t overlook you.  (Sometimes it takes us a while.  We’re not ignoring you, we just might be busy.  Give us a little nudge.)

We’ll monitor and add you to the List.  Thanks, and happy tweeting!

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