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How To Make Friends and Influence People

So you’ve joined the BizSugar small business community. You submit small business stories, vote for favorites and even comment on a post from time to time. That’s all great, but if you want to get the full benefit of being a thought leader in one of the Internet’s fastest growing small business communities, there are a few more things you might consider to get you there.

See below…

1. Add an Avatar


No, we’re not talking about the big budget science fiction movie. This is the little thumbnail image that represents you to the BizSugar community. By going to your profile and hitting modify, you’ll have an opportunity to upload your own smiling face and show the community who you really are.

2.  Add URL and Info


Now tell us a bit more about you. Add some information, as much as you feel comfortable with, about where you’re from, what you do, how to contact you and maybe a link or two to make it easier to find you elsewhere on the Web.

3. Add some friends


As The Beatles once sang, we all get by with some help from them, so don’t forget to add friends to your profile. When you come across a post you really enjoy, click on the user name next to the submitter’s photo and you’ll be taken to his/her profile. Then click “Add…to my friends”. You can also check the list of people who have added you as a friend on your own profile.

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