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Welcome to Wayne Liew, Our New Moderator

Wayne LiewPlease give a warm welcome to Wayne Liew, who has just been appointed a Moderator here at our new and improved BizSugar. Wayne joins our other Moderators in keeping the site dynamic and useful for everyone else.

In this role Wayne will be helping keep the site stuffed with great business content —  and just generally making it a rockin’ place for everyone.

Wayne came to our attention because he visits the site regularly and participates so actively. He’s been a member since June 2009. In that time he has had two dozen of his submissions voted to the home page of BizSugar (congratulations!). He’s made it into the Top 10 and the newsletter a number of times, too.

But here’s what caught our eye:  he doesn’t just pay attention to his own submissions. Wayne also votes and comments on other people’s stories, too.  He’s a good “social media citizen.”

Shawn, our Chief Moderator, also gave a shout-out to Wayne not too long ago as one of the contributors who make BizSugar sweeter.

I asked Wayne to tell us a little about himself in his own words. Here’s what he had to say:

  • I am an online marketing consultant. I help small businesses and individuals create their online presence as well as providing them with necessary knowledge about Internet marketing.
  • I also run a blog on entrepreneurship and small business at WayneLiew.Com.
  • I’m just 19. I read a lot and I still have way more things to learn from BizSugar members.
  • I love to connect and chat with entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Big fan of Bob Burg (the idea of giving) and Gary Vaynerchuk (CRUSH IT!).
  • Tip for submission:  I LOVE list posts!

Check out Wayne’s profile page here on BizSugar.  Wayne can also be found on Twitter: @WayneLiew.

We’re looking forward to having you aboard as a Moderator, Wayne!

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