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Contributors Keep Making bizSugar Sweeter

The success of BizSugar is due to our contributors, small business people just like you who take the time to share important small business news and information every day with our growing community.

Here are some more of their stories:

  • Carol BoryCarol Bory is a Phoenix, Arizona-based consultant who specializes in etiquette for small business, something we could all use a bit more of in our day-to-day business dealings. In a recent post inspired by a marked rise in inappropriate conduct on the public stage, Carol asks the question “Why are people misbehaving?”
  • Heather DorsoHeather Dorso is a San Francisco-based online marketer for small to medium-sized companies most recently TRUSTe with six years experience in the Internet marketing industry. Check out Heather’s link to the article “Crank Up Your Customers’ Confidence” here in the BizSugar community.

BizSugar sweeter

  • Rod JohnsonRod Johnson is a St Paul, Minnesota-based business coach, author and speaker who specializes in the “silent problems” in your business or organization that can overtake your efforts “without warning”. He maintains a blog at and recently submitted a post on “The Fog Factor” to the BizSugar community.
  • Wayne LiewWayne Liew is a Malaysia-based online media consultant with focuses in small business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, startup and business consulting who, through his blog at Wayne Liew Dot Com, now reaches a global audience with his insights. Among Wayne’s most recent contributions to BizSugar is “10 Ways to Make Your Freelance Business Fail“.

Thank you all for helping to make BizSugar a success.

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