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It’s a Brand New bizSugar

After several hours of work yesterday by the BizSugar team, we are proud to introduce a brand new BizSugar and hope users will immediately begin enjoying the evolving features of the new upgrade to our small business news and information community and social media site.

In addition to a sleaker style (see below), the new BizSugar upgrade offers greater speed and some surprising features including easier access to our stories by category.

Brand New BizSugar

Though we’ll be tweaking and fine tuning the features and functions for the next few days, we’re counting on the BizSugar community at large to give us some help as well by digging in, exploring the new redesign and telling us what you think.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Report problems Yep, we know there are bugs and we’d be most appreciative if you’d help point them out when you find them. Though we’ve got people polking around this fancy new redesign we may not have had the time to find all the little wrinkles that need smoothing out just yet, so any assistance you could offer will speed things up and improve the experience for everybody.
  • Share feedback We want to know what you think. We’d like your impressions of the new site. We’ve always appreciated and listened to your feedback but now we’re counting on you more than ever to give us a sense of whether we’re on the right track. Not only today, of course, but ongoing into the future
  • Make suggestions What’s good and what’s not so good? What would you like to see done better and how could we improve the ease of operation for our users? We’ll be counting on you to give us some of these answers and keep the suggestions coming.
  • Keep participating Above all, keep submitting, reading and voting on BizSugar small business articles. If you haven’t already become a member, please take time to do that now. It’s fast, simple and free. We promise. And by doing so you can help us in our goal to create the finest and most information filled small business community online.

To make a suggestion, a comment, a recommendation or just to say hi, please shoot us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Brand New bizSugar

  • Glad to see you have finally made the transformation guys.

    Nice to see people notice the load speed has increased.

    Looks fantastic, but then again I’m a little biased on that. 🙂

    Hope all works out well.

  • @Martin — glad you like it!

    @JohnH — so would you say your “baby” is in good hands, John? We try to take of the site. It was a big job to upgrade – much bigger than anticipated. But I’m glad we were able to resolve the speed issue and show off more of what BizSugar has to offer. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without your vision back in 2007. Thank you for that.

    @Pliggs — Darrell, thank you. I think the new template looks great. It kept the best elements of the original Bizsugar (colors and general style) but have it a fresh look.

    – Anita

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