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Live Video: Basics When Facing the Camera… and Audience

VIDEO REPLAY: Doing Live Video: Basics When Facing the Camera… and Audience

Are you ready to go live on video? Most of us aren’t. But if you want to overcome that — at least enough to be a guest — you’ll benefit from knowing these live video basics.

And, if you want to host your own live streaming video,  you definitely need to know how to record decent videos. Let’s talk about how to prepare for the camera, specifically sound and lighting, but other areas of preparation.

This is for the most part for going LIVE but may also be applied to recording video, as well. We will explain the difference between the preparation for each.

Here’s the video replay:

Live Video Basics Covered

We discussed how to prepare for the camera, specifically sound and lighting, but other areas of preparation. Mastermind members can see a comprehensive TipTalk chat held March 22, 2023. You can ask questions there, too.

Not a member? No problem. It is free to join here. We will feature highlights and quotes from that chat and the webinar in this post along with the video replay.

Who is Deborah Anderson?

Deborah Anderson is many things. She is, publicly, “Deborah E [Anderson]” and this is because “Deborah E” is her stage name.

She held the #1 position, without dropping, on the Reverbnation Charts for an entire year as #1 Jazz Singer in Los Angeles, a hard position to attain, let alone hold.

During that time, she also served as Chief Technology Officer in the Financial Industry in Los Angeles, competing with the Big Boys.

She became a programmer while continuing her path as a sound engineer. Deborah started in Hollywood, back at the beginning, before marrying her sound engineer/professional photographer husband.

She served as the Director, Project Management Office, for the Internet Marketing Ninjas (yes, same place as Ann Smarty). At the same time, Deborah was running her Boutique Social Media company, Social Web Cafe.

She and her husband have been providing Sound & Lighting services, training, and projects, even for the Ninjas, while she serves as the Videographer/Video Designer for SocialWebCafe.

Media Expert Extraordinaire

Her “official title” is “Media Expert Extraordinaire.” She and her husband provide the services out of their sound studio and video studio that they built themselves, based on their education and extensive experience.

Deborah pioneered the idea of simultaneously running Twitter chats at the same time as LIVE, interactive web shows. She pioneered this idea as the “Hangout Queen” back before Facebook Live was invented.

Incidentally, her Twitter Chat is one of two of the oldest Twitter chats. After running her own chat and out of this experience, she approached Ann Smarty.

Deborah insisted that MyBlogGuest, Ann’s popular product at the time, would benefit from a Twitter Chat. Long story short, Deborah became Ann’s Community Manager for MyBlogGuest until it closed the following year. She was the face of the brand at that time.

Using her programming skills, she created a one-link and embedded system where the interactive shows always appeared on her site (including Ann’s shows).

This makes it super simple for the audience to tune into one link. Her innovation was back before other companies developed the same. It was years before Facebook LIVE.

Now, she spends time working with current tools and the creative aspects of videography, for SocialWebCafe. Most of her work is for clients being “behind the scenes”.

What Does Social Web Cafe Do?

Deborah took some time off to pursue her degree in psychology. She has completed all of the coursework up to the final paper/book. And she is now returning to her love of all things internet.

Deborah has a love of people and is in the process of re-launching her podcasts. The Social Web Cafe of today primarily serves private customers in helping them to tell their stories via video.

For many of the customers, Deborah is the private tool in the back pocket, so-to-speak. She helps them to put their most professional foot forward in the public arena.

How to Reach Deborah and Social Web Cafe

Deborah may be reached at her Social Web Cafe website. And, you can find her most places online via the username SocialWebCafe. She is very active on Twitter, especially on Tuesdays, @SocialWebCafe.

You may also sign up for your own feature on one of her soon-to-be-relaunched podcasts @

Get all your questions answered by joining our Mastermind and tagging Deborah inside.

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