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How to Get Actionable Data from Google Analytics with Pierre DeBois

How to Get Actionable Data from Google Analytics VIDEO REPLAY with Pierre DeBois

Measuring a digital marketing campaign can often introduce a complexity that can make your head spin in understanding ROI.

The pandemic has added a new layer of anxiety on top of that complexity.

But business owners and marketers have a unique opportunity to plan tags and reporting across Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio to understand how to adjust their marketing and connect to customers.

Watch the video replay to learn the latest trends and tips that will lead you to your best successes yet!

Google Analytics Has to Be Configured

Did you know that you cannot simply install Google Analytics and expect to get actionable data? I suspect most people are still not aware of that.

So we’ve asked a Google Analytics expert to come explain what is needed to make your data more valuable to your business. Watch the video replay for details.

Who is Pierre DeBois?

Pierre DeBois is the Founder and CEO of Zimana Analytics, a small business digital analytics consultancy. CEOWorld magazine recognized him as one of the leading experts on big data and analytics.

He is co-author of Faith, Failure, Success and The Entrepreneur Within You Volume 3.  And Pierre was technical editor on two Pearson Publications.

Pierre contributed analytics material for Ramon Ray’s book The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing. And he is a regular contributor to:

  • Information Week
  • CMSWire
  • AllBusiness
  • All Analytics
  • Succeed as Your Own Boss
  • Pitney Bowes Smart Essentials
  • Solution Providers for Retail

He has been a Small Business Trends business book reviewer since 2009.  And Pierre was featured in the Chicago Sun Times.

Are you able to measure performance and take action on the data your analytics provides? If not, you may wish to speak with Zimana about providing insights to increase your return on investment (ROI) by reducing your costs and maximizing your revenue.

What is Zimana?

Zimana provides data analysis and strategy recommendations. Their analysis services include reviewing your website to optimize your tags and scripts.

They can implement appropriate analytics and ensure your business is acquiring and using vital information to make better business decisions and act on them.

Look to them to implement solutions including Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, R programming, and other platforms.  They have both online and in person clients throughout the United States.

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