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BizSugar Sharing: How to Get More Views for Your Content

Join BizSugar Sharing Now!

You are invited to join our BizSugar Sharing platform. Read on to find out why you would want to and what our regular members see as the benefits.

BizSugar Sharing is the original BizSugar site moved to a new sub-domain at Many of our users have been with BizSugar since 2007!

What is BizSugar Sharing?

Do you have small business related content you would like to share with others? BizSugar sharing is where you can do that. In this post, we’ll be highlighting some of our most active members.

We will also feature member content periodically here in the Mastermind Community. So now is a great time to be consistently sharing and also visiting our Mastermind Community here.


Why Share?

Here’s what some of our most active BizSugar Sharing members want you to know:

“I’ve built relationships in the small business world several times, just because someone saw my content or my comment on BizSugar’s sharing platform. It’s the ideal venue to rub shoulders with active entrepreneurs.” ~ David Leonardt, President, THGM Ghostwriters

“BizSugar sharing helps me building new connections in my niche, through voting, commenting and interacting with other members. Also, it helps me getting traffic to my blog, via the links I share.” ~ Erik Emanuelli, problogger at

” You will get exposure as a thought leader in your business field, and you could receive additional traffic to your hub in cyberspace. Other users could comment on your entry and add their $0.02 to the discussion.” ~ Martin Lindeskog, Podcaster at

“While promoting your business content on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be useful; often, it gets lost in the sea of lifestyle, food, and travel updates. This is why you should be promoting your content on Biz Sugar. With Biz Sugar, your content goes out to a highly-focused audience of entrepreneurs who can benefit from the information you’re sharing. Not only that, it’s a great place to curate content, find new resources, and connect with like-minded individuals.” ~ Holly Reisem Hanna, Publisher and Founder of The Work at Home Woman

Bizsugar is an amazing platform where you get lot of exposure to you and your resources. I am one of the member since it’s inception. I am getting lots  of traffic as well as comments via this platform. This is indeed a great platform for all small business owners as well as bloggers. This platform has been mentioned in one of my posts on my website. ~ Philip Verghese Ariel, Philipscom


Expedited Approvals for New Members

Established members on BizSugar Sharing enjoy their shares going live immediately for all the other members to see.

But, new members have to go through an approval process. Right now, to make sure your experience is a great one, here’s the fast track:

  1. Share the links to your submissions in the comments here.
  2. Tag me (@Gail Gardner) when you comment so I’ll see it faster.
  3. I’ll go review your submission and get it approved (as long as it conforms to the guidelines here).

Be sure to read the tips in the guidelines to give your shares the best chance of getting enough votes to be featured on the home page.

Why Get Started Now?

Now is the very best time because members will be able to easily find your submissions in the comments here. And because we’ll be featuring some of the most popular content, too!

Top Members You Can Follow

You may remember Joel, The Franchise King from his AMA here. He has been an active sharing member since 2008. You can follow his sharing username FranPro here.

Active Mastermind and/or Sharing Members

Their name links to their Mastermind profile (which only work if you’re a member of and logged into the Mastermind Community) – Username links to their BizSugar Sharing profile.

Use these links to follow the users you wish. They are in alphabetical order by first name.

Have you noticed a pattern of some names coming up regularly? What do the most consistent participants have in common?

  • Active members on BizSugar Sharing become recognized and well-known.
  • We invited them to be influencers in the Mastermind Community.
  • Opportunities come to them to be guests on Ask Me Anythings (AMAs).
  • Hosts feature them in webinars
  • Writers mention them and their sites in content and ask them to provide quotes for roundup posts.

You, too, can become a thought leader and influencer in your own niche. All you have to do is get active and interact regularly. We’ll all be happy to welcome you to join us.


Have questions or need assistance? Leave us a comment below.

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