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BizSugar Zoholics Giveaway: Attend Zoholics in Austin April 9-11, 2019

BizSugar Zoholics Ticket Giveaway

Whether you’re a small business owner or manager interested in improving and expanding, or a consultant or freelancer looking for new earning opportunities, read on to find out more about Zoholics and our giveaway.

Our future plan for the BizSugar Mastermind Community is to make it easy for business owners to find and hire the talent they need. By developing expertise using one or more Zoho Apps, our members can take advantage of opportunities to be hired.

Zoho has kindly provided us with 4 free tickets to Zoholics in Austin, Texas. We also have 20 75% off coupons. Your odds of winning one of these tickets are extremely high.

The deadline to enter is March 21, 2019 (midnight PST).  Winners will be chosen on March 22, 2019 via a random drawing. We do hope you’ll click this link and enter now:

Zoholics Discount Codes and Free Passes Giveaway

Why Use Zoho?

Actually,  if you are a member of our BizSugar Mastermind Community, you use Zoho Connect each time you log in. Our forum is built in Zoho Connect which is their team collaboration software and project management app.

The main site is built in Zoho Sites, their easy website builder. Many small businesses use the Zoho CRM. Any business owner, manager, consultant or freelancer should definitely have these integrated on their short-list.

Zoho Apps are the least expensive, fully-integrated applications for running any small business. You can use just the specific apps you need right now or subscribe to Zoho One and have access to over 40 integrated apps.

Just start with your highest priority and then add apps as you expand the management and automation of your business. Processes and the apps that make them easy to enable are the best way to grow your business.

Who is Zoho For?

Who uses Zoho? As a collaboration of freelancers, we’ve been using Zoho Sheet for years. In our CEO and Founder Anita Campbell’s AMA (ask me anything), Anita explained why she chose Zoho:

For us, using Zoho CRM has been amazing. Advantages:

  • Inexpensive. It’s part of the Zoho One suite, so the cost along with the dozen or so other Zoho apps we use is quite a deal.
  • Customizable. We were able to customize what we do with it so that it fits our business (publishing). Not every CRM is malleable, and some are not flexible enough to accommodate businesses like ours that don’t sell physical product or ongoing services.
  • Efficient. We’ve set it up so that we can generate a proposal/statement of work using the system, in minutes. Before it was this laborious, horribly inefficient process using Google Docs. I love Google Docs, but creating a new document by manually inserting information, was a colossal waste of time IMHO.

Many Zoho Apps have free versions which is why our collaboration started using them. Then they have added features for their paid versions. I am using Zoho Connect daily, including Tasks (similar to Trello boards) and other integrations.

They are definitely worth considering, especially if you would like to find some alternatives to Google.

What is Zoholics?

Zoholics is a live event Zoho holds in various locations around world to enable their customers and potential users to:

  • Meet their product team
  • Interact with developers
  • Connect with their marketing staff
  • Ask questions of the support team
  • Network with other Zoho users

This video provides a preview of what happens at a typical Zoholics event:

The event has something for everyone:

  • Find out how Zoho Apps apply to your specific business or challenge
  • Learn to use their products – even if you’re a total beginner
  • Take courses on how to customize Zoho Apps
  • Meet Zoho partners who can assist you in getting started using Zoho in your business
  • Schedule free one-on-one time to have a specialist assist you
  • Get up to speed on all the automations and integrations available
  • Socialize

Attendees get so much out of going, there are many testimonials recommending it. They also comment on how great the food is. So even if you do not currently use Zoho, you could still get a lot out of this event.

The deadline to enter is March 21, 2019 (midnight PST). Winners will be chosen on March 22, 2019 via a random drawing.


Congratulations to all our winners. They have been notified via the email address they used to enter and sent the promo code to obtain their tickets from Zoholics Austin here.

Award Prize Name
Free Pass 1 Renee Cosare
Free Pass 2 Tammy Forbes
Free Pass 3 Corey Morrissey
Free Pass 4 Brandi Bull
75% Discount 5 Daniel villatoro
75% Discount 6 Alaina Callahan
75% Discount 7 Kristy McClatchey
75% Discount 8 Jason Yee
75% Discount 9 Andy Appel
75% Discount 10 Kilo Makani Cosare
75% Discount 11 Kate Anderson
75% Discount 12 Dagur Eyjolfsson
75% Discount 13 Troy Titus
75% Discount 14 Steve Carlos Kirk
75% Discount 15 Daniel villatoro
75% Discount 16 Sarah Hope
75% Discount 17 Rakesh Kumar
75% Discount 18 ken smith
75% Discount 19 Michael Gerthe
75% Discount 20 Ed Anderson III
75% Discount 21 David Grau
75% Discount 22 Joseph Cosare III
75% Discount 23 Patrick
75% Discount 24 Karthikeyan Kaliyaperumal

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