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Are You Using Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage? Let’s Talk Strategy

What percentage of small businesses believe their customers care if they are a sustainable business

Small businesses need every competitive advantage they can get. Have you considered all  your options for using sustainability to better engage your customers and employees and increase your profits?

Join us in the BizSugar Mastermind Community to discuss how your business can benefit from knowing more about sustainability practices.

We invite you to take the survey as well to share your thoughts about your business, energy and sustainability.

2018 Q4 Small Business Energy Report Survey Results

Small Business Trends and Constellation Energy jointly sponsor these quarterly surveys to get insight into how focused small businesses are on reducing their energy costs.

They also want to determine which businesses feel their customers care about sustainability and how these companies can derive a competitive advantage by becoming more sustainable in their  business practices.

You can see the full 2018 Q4 Small Business Energy Survey results here.

Have you ever wondered about small business owners’ motives for creating their businesses? Here are the responses from last quarter to that question:

Which of the following best describes your current attitude toward your business

Do you know what percentage of business owners believe their customers care about whether they run a sustainable business? It may be more than you think:

What percentage of customers care whether a business is environmentally sustainable

Did those results surprise you or did you expect them? Do you agree with them or think their estimates are too high or too low? Do you know how to use sustainability in your marketing?

Come share your opinions and discuss strategies for saving money and increasing your competitive advantage:

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Besides getting free valuable tools, you can interact with successful business owners and the marketers and other specialists who serve them. And, your great ideas could end up among those added to a future post like this one!

Get your ideas more visibility while increasing your skills and finding new ways to make your business more competitive.

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