BizSugar Blog » Ann Smarty Shares Tips on Getting Featured Snippets

Ann Smarty Shares Tips on Getting Featured Snippets

Ann Smarty Shares Tips on Getting Featured Snippets

Join us Wednesday, February 6, 2019 in the BizSugar Mastermind Community. Ann Smarty, Founder of Viral Content Bee, will be explaining how to use the Google Featured Snippet tool and answering your questions live.

Why You Should Care about Featured Snippets

Would you like a 20-30% increase in traffic to your site? What about higher click-through-rates (CTRs)? Both are possible when you focus on landing more Featured Snippets for your business.

As Ann Smarty wrote for Moz, “Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results.” Fortunately for us all, Ninja Tools has made it much easier by creating their Google Featured Snippet tool.

In the above video, Ann says that she estimates 30-80% of all searches have Featured Snippets. Every small business needs to:

  • Increase the visitors to their site
  • Generate additional sales

Join us to find out how you can get more Featured Snippets for your business!

Bookmark this page because we will be updating this post. Come back to read some of the advice Ann shares during the live event.

You are invited to join our Mastermind Community and participate in the live Q&A, use our free tools, and see all of the tips Ann and our other special guests share.

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Questions Mastermind Members Asked

Wonder what’s going on in the Live Event? Answers to all these questions can be found by members here.

  1. Skylon Limousine asks: “My Website is on first page but can’t get into the top 3 … Please guide me how be on top.”
  2. Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ of NewsandViewsforYou asks: Is it good or risky to republish existing content with a new date?
  3. If you are a regular commenter on other bloggers’ sites, or in response to content published in your authorships on many sites, would you recommend NOT linking to your own site from those comments? Or linking from 1 and then not from others?
  4. Would being a regular commenter in blogs and linking back to your site in the name and/or CommentLuv field reduce your Majestic TrustFlow score?
  5. Pros and cons of encouraging comments versus turning them off. What about using different commenting systems? Do you believe they will help or hinder getting more Featured Snippets – or not matter at all?
  6. David Leonhardt of TheHappyGuy asks: “what’s the relation between featured snippets and schema mark-up. I’m wondering if there are useful (profitable) searches I could set up with schema to get featured snippets.”
  7. Iris Grossman, SEO Manager for Flipsnack, asks: “I have a question regarding Featured snippets vs YT Video snippets. Are video snippets more likely to rank for certain searches? Does it solely depend on the user intent or do other factors come into play? For example for the query “how to make a brochure”. Because based on similar intents I’ve seen both types of snippets, including for “how to” queries. “
  8. Julie Weishaar of NewHorizons123 asks: “How can we best take advantage of the “People Also Ask” information that Google provides?”
  9. Gail Gardner said, “In between questions, I’d love to hear more and Ninja Tools Featured Snippet Tool and what we can do with it. That is a screen capture in this forum post that I made when I ran my site in it during the beta. Maybe we should share the videos or the link to the main site or resources there?”
  10. Julie Weishaar asks: “Do you think focusing on getting Featured Snippets is more likely to generate leads than running Facebook or Google ads?”
  11. Martin Lindeskog of TeaBookSketches asks: “How could a verified fact box (as an author) impact the search engine results? I did an ego search on my name, and the title of and information about my first book came up.”
  12. Should writers who have subject matter expertise in a primary topic need to use a separate author identity if they write about anything outside that to avoid damaging what Google sees as your primary niche?
  13. Lisa Sicard of InspiretoThrive asks: “Are Featured Snippets the same as Rich Snippets or different? “
  14. Ahmad Raza​ of WiseToast asks: “Most of my posts are already on Google Snippets, what confuses me the most is why are they pulling snippets from one domain and image from another, is it a bug or they are doing it intentionally?”
  15. Ileane Smith asks: “Do you know if podcasts ever show up as results in featured snippets?”
  16. Casey Bjorkdahl, CEO of Vazoola, asks:  “How long do you think it typically takes to start appearing within featured snippets that are pretty competitive or common. What would you say is the #1 factor for it?”

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