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Roy Opata Olende @RoyBoss Targets Employee Engagement

Roy Opata Olende has some insight what will make your employees work more effectively.


He didn’t plan to become the go-to man for employee culture. But after four years in leadership roles with several non-profits, Olende was looking for new challenges.

“Shortly after I resigned from my job, I was approached by an organization to help them restructure how their employees worked,” he explains. “What started off as a small project turned into a six month process.”

But the experience taught Olende a valuable lesson that would change the course of his career.

“In that time I re-discovered how important employees are to organizations, and how little attention leaders often give them, often due to the fact that leaders are extremely busy themselves,” Olende adds.

Simultaneously, Olende perceived an under served niche and a place where other business leaders lacked a solution to address a pressing need.

“What seemed obvious to me — in terms of how to engage employees and the type of culture they need to succeed — was apparently not obvious to others,” he recalls.

Serving this important but not immediately realized niche became the mission of Olende’s new business, a specialized consulting firm called Green Mango.

“With Green Mango, I decided to leverage my knowledge to help businesses succeed,” he says. “We focus exclusively on increasing employee engagement and improving workplace cultures.”

Green Mango explores a business’s culture and seeks to improve employee engagement through the use of employee surveys, training workshops, consulting, and research.

Olende’s company provides a weekly newsletter and free research to help business owners better engage employees and improve productivity and performance in their companies as a result.

Ironically, Olende says he uses BizSugar regularly to augment his knowledge and fill in gaps he needs to learn more about as a small business owner himself.

“While I have expertise in the employee engagement and workplace culture space, I have little knowledge about a lot of other business features,” Olende explains. “As a small business owner, BizSugar is a great resource for accessing great tips about marketing, social media, strategy and much more.”

“I really appreciate how BizSugar brings together lots of thought leaders who can serve others with their expertise,” he adds.

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