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Matt Telfer @mattelfer Takes Practical Approach to Digital

Matt Telfer loves marketing. Though today he works for one of the U.K.’s largest domain and hosting companies, he started small.


“I have been involved in marketing SME businesses my entire career, starting out as a marketing assistant at a small law firm,” he says.

It is a career path he would definitely recommend to others.

“It is far more hands on than big business and you can really have an impact from day one,” Telfer adds.

Which brings us to his blog, The tag line perfectly explains Telfer’s philosopy: “A marketing blog with refreshingly practical advice and ideas.”

Telfer explains that his full-time job and his own personal passion on the subject have led him to devour every article he can find on the subject.

“I found many of them take quite a theoretical approach to marketing which many small businesses would find hard to put in to action,” he says.

The desire to create a more practical alternative to the prevailing marketing information he had generally come across, led Telfer to create his blog.

Recent posts cover topics like proactively managing online reputation and creating and promoting your own infographics.

Perhaps it’s not a surprise then that Telfer says his real passion remains with digital marketing, especially search and social.

“I think this is a great time to be involved in digital marketing because the rules are still largely being written. Marketers are experimenting with the most effective ways of using all the various digital channels and being part of that is really fun,” he adds.

Telfer says the engagement he has received as a participating member of the BizSugar community has been very influential on his growing website. He says comments and votes have led him to a better understanding of the kinds of posts readers enjoy most and thus what they might be expected to enjoy in the future.

“Thanks to its active and large community, BizSugar is one of the most important sources of both traffic and awareness for my blog,” Telfer explains.

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