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Laura Petrolino @lkpetrolino Helps Businesses When Pigs Fly

Okay, we know how that sounds, but just listen for a minute. Laura is in the business of making the impossible happen.


As she tells it, she launched her communications and business development firm Flying Pig Consulting several years back specifically for that purpose.

“The firm is based around the belief that with the right tools and strategy, any organization can beat the odds, defy the rules and ‘fly’ despite the obstacles they faced (in structure, size, resources, etc.),” she says.

Petrolino approaches this goal by offering affordable resources including communications consulting, coaching and strategy for small businesses and non-profits.

In conjunction with these services, Petrolino co-hosts an online business talk show, Call a Biz Hero, with fellow small business consultant Nicole Fende.

Each week, Petrolino and Fende spend half an hour interviewing entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts on challenges faced by small business owners, obstacles that, in keeping with the show’s superhero theme, Petrolino and Fende refer to as “business kryptonite.”

The co-hosts have also launched a crowdfunding campaign and interactive board game to help entrepreneurs decide which of their ideas are worth pursuing.

Participants can play along at home and then take part in challenges that appear on the show, Petrolino says.

Petrolino and Fende developed the game after years of watching entrepreneurs struggle with what Petrolino calls “ideamaggedon.” Petrolino describes this as a tendency among entrepreneurs and small business owners to struggle with too many ideas and not enough resources to implement them.

Petrolino is also an enthusiastic BizSugar user. She says sharing content with the BizSugar community has become just as important a part of her regular routine as is sharing via Facebook or Twitter.

“BizSugar is not only an amazing platform for me to share my own articles and work, but also a way to network and learn from my peers,” she explains. “When you share on BizSugar you know you are sharing with a very targeted community of small business focused professionals. You really can’t find that anywhere else.”

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