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Paul Cox @SpinLessPlates Offers Business in a Bag

Paul Cox was looking for a way to cut back on the hours he was spending on his business. Like many entrepreneurs, Cox loved his business but, with a family on the way, was looking for options to spend more time at home.


“I’ve run my own business since 1997,” says Cox. “I just love the freedom and flexibility that it offers and I relish being the creator of my own destiny.”

Both Cox’s instincts as an entrepreneur and his yen for work/life balance come from his parents.

“As a child I grew up in a pub run by my mum and dad,” Cox remembers. “Quality family time was very scarce and I know my mum now has regrets about the things she missed out on when I was growing up.”

When Cox began his own family, he knew the time he was putting in on his current business would be incompatible with his evolving home life.

“So it was goodbye to the stupid hours I’d previously clocked up in my business, and hello to a model based around residual income,” he said.

The business he created, SpinLessPlates, provides a more flexible business opportunity for him and does the same for his clients.

“SpinLessPlates is a complete small business management software solution for multi-tasking business owners,” he says. “It’s flexible, affordable and very easy to use. Spin users finish boring admin tasks more efficiently, increase productivity by accurately tracking and billing their time and know their numbers by generating and analyzing reports.”

Cox says the software gives small businesses the facts they need make the right decisions about their businesses.

“Spin’s philosophy hinges on my drive to work less and earn more (which incidentally is the theme of my blog),” he adds. “And the feedback I’ve received from my growing network of users is proof that the principles work.”

An important goal was to make the tools simple and intuitive for his customers, including stay-at-home moms balancing childcare with a business and other work-at-home entrepreneurs.

But Cox also focused on making his business easy for him to operate…from just about anywhere.

“Since becoming a parent my ambition was to be able to put my business in a bag and have the capability to work from anywhere with an internet connection,” he says.

A resident of Buxton, Derbyshire in the U.K., Cox says he’ll be able to run his business just fine with only his iPad, the Spin App, a Moleskine notebook and his favorite pen while on a family vacation in Florida later this month.

So, how and why does Cox use BizSugar?

“For me self-education is the key to success,” he explains. “The freedom to learn from the masters, study proven success blueprints and design my own curriculum beats any college course! I’m an avid blog reader and I love dipping into BizSugar articles because there’s always a new bite sized nugget to discover. I’m always on the lookout for an idea for my next productivity blog post or that snippet of information that’s going to benefit my business and BizSugar frequently delivers that little gem. It’s a must-visit on my reading list and I highly recommend getting involved in its active, supportive community.”

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