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Jenn Herman @jennherman31 is All About Social Media

She may work as a full-time director of marketing by day. But in her spare time, Jenn Herman likes teaching small business owners all about social skills…social media skills that is.


Herman works for a San Diego Aerospace maintenance company.

“So, I do social media as much as possible at work all day and then I come home and blog and network on multiple social media sites after work,” she explains.

She started her own blog, Jenn’s Trends, just five months ago in January, and spends her weekends writing blog posts for the following week.

On her blog, Herman writes simple to understand posts about trends in social media management for small businesses or businesses new to social media.

“I have made amazing connections with other bloggers and through social media sites that have been invaluable to my growth in this venture,” she ads.

Herman gives several reasons for starting up a blog in her spare time.

First, she says she likes helping others learn.

“It’s kind of a passion for me to see other people learn something that they maybe thought was complicated and realize that they can understand it in simpler terms,” she adds.

This is why Herman works to write blog posts using easy to understand examples rather than complicated technical jargon.

Her posts have included titles like “Grow Your Social Media Strategy Like a Garden” and “If Every Social Media Site Was a Martini…

Second, Herman says working to gain buy-in from upper management in her day job for use of social media has inspired her to help other business owners understand the benefits too.

“Beyond just my blog, I’m a creative problem solver by nature and I love the challenge of helping others find new ways to improve their social media strategies,” she says. “Whether it’s finding new ways to use Pinterest or finding new types of posts to add to Facebook, I always enjoy working with businesses to find these new tactics.”

Herman says she found the BizSugar community through her online connections too.

“I started using BizSugar because all of the bloggers I followed were there. I figured if they were there, I needed to be there too!” she said.

Like other social sites, Herman uses BizSugar in a variety of ways.

“I use BizSugar to share my blog postings and direct traffic back to my blog. It’s a great platform and easy to use,” she says. “I also use it to find other great articles that both teach me new things and that I can share with my audience. I have regularly shared an article I found on BizSugar on my Top 5 Must Read Posts of the Week on my Facebook page. The content is just that good!”

If you would like to be member of the BizSugar community and perhaps even someday be featured here on the BizSugar blog as Contributor of the Week, getting involved is simple.

Just sign up for a free BizSugar account, “like” our BizSugar Facebook account and start contributing small business news and tips and voting and commenting on the contributions of others. We look forward to meeting you!

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