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BizSugar Contributor Builds Web Marketing Blueprint

From the beginning, Scott Dudley has focused on marketing for the Web, launching Lo Cost in November 2011. Since then he has grown it into a popular Website resource aimed at helping other online marketers find success popularizing and monetizing their content.

Taking as his role models star bloggers like Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse, and Pat Flynn, Dudley set out to build a site that would act as a blueprint for others seeking similar success.

“From these blogs I could see that by consistently producing high quality content over a long time period it was certainly possible to not only create a large following, but to also monetize it,” Dudley explains.

Since its launch, Dudley’s site has focused on assisting Internet marketers on a budget with emphasis on strategies like SEO, social media, blogging, copy writing, and inexpensive lead generation ideas. Dudley has also featured occasional guest bloggers to share their perspectives about Internet marketing.

The challenge facing many beginning Internet marketers is similar, says Dudley.

“I would estimate that around 80% (or more) of people that get started in Internet marketing do not have the funds to be experimenting with pay per click advertising or banner advertising,” he adds. “There are many free and low cost marketing strategies that really do work, but the secret is to only focus on one or two to begin with – and to then become an absolute expert at these strategies.”

Dudley’s message remains simple, that consistent effort in mastering the basics of online marketing is the key to success.

“The problem is that most of these strategies take time to work, and the majority of people do not have the patience to stay focused for a extended period without reward,” he says. “There seems to be some misconception that the Internet is an easy place to make money quickly without much effort. It if was that easy no would work jobs and everyone would be doing it. But for those that are willing to take action and learn how to do it properly – anything is possible.”

In his quest to discover and share strategies for online marketing success, Dudley has come across many helpful tools and techniques to help fledgling marketers popularize their content, among them our own BizSugar community.

“BizSugar rocks!” exclaims Dudley. “I have found BizSugar to be an excellent way to get my name out there and to drive a lot of traffic to my website. I have managed to get three stories published on the front page of the site, and each time it resulted in a massive traffic spike, which was exciting to watch. I also make sure that I vote for other stories on the site that are worthy as well.”

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