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Employee Praise Contest: Winner!

The winner has been chosen in the BizSugar “Employee Praise Contest!” There were many great suggestions provided and we’d like to thank everyone who participated by leaving their praise suggestion in the comments section of the post.

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Without further adieu, the winner is:

Kimberly B ~

“As I am responsible for an event driven office in an industry with a fast burn out rate, I am always very conscious of the fact that my staff work very hard. When my bosses come to me thanking me for a job well done, I specifically ask them to extend the thank you to my staff member that was in charge. I thank staff with a little handwritten note card that has a coffee gift card enclosed. Lunches out for birthdays and also for Christmas.

But the thank you my staff appreciate the most is the thanks for giving them lieu hours for the extra time spent on each individual event. Usually within my handwritten note I thank them and mention that they can take a day or half day off (depending on the event) and these days can be banked and tied in with vacation time. My goal as a successful manager is to ensure that my staff is happy and remains goal oriented.

Also my door is always open so that they can come individually to get rid of the frustrations and negativity they may be experiencing. This allows me to keep a pulse on what is happening and take proactive measures to get rid of the “energy vampires” (negative nellies!). Even at the end of this type of meeting, I thank them for their input and solutions to making things better. We operate as a team and must make sure everyone is on the same page so meet weekly. The real key is actually remembering to sincerely thank staff for a job well done!”

We’d also like to thank moderator, Amanda Stillwagon of MyFindsOnline, for her assistance in helping to choose the winner.

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