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Take the Startup Challenge!

The Startup Challenge

Free business tools and resources? The opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs? And my name can be on everyone’s lips? What, I can join for FREE? I’m up to The Startup Challenge! Are you?

Small Business Trends is entering the ring to go toe-to-toe with in a friendly but feisty competition to get the most startups to sign up for fantastic free biz resources.

But who will be the top contender?

When you sign up using our Small Business Trends link, we get points, YAY! and our worthy opponent goes down for an eight-count.

What do we get out of this besides points? Nothing but the truly wondrous satisfaction of supporting Startup America and Small Business, which is BEST of ALL!

You may ask, “Well, what do I get out of this?” You get increased visibility and the valuable business resources Startup America offers. Not too shabby, huh?

Let’s join together to help Anita “Trends” Campbell knock out the competition (Tim “BPlans” Berry) so WE can both become the Startup Challenge Champions of the World!

About Startup America

The Startup America Partnership, a private organization working to help young companies with hot ideas move forward, was launched at the White House in 2011.

The Startup America Partnership “Master Challenge” presents Signup Your Startup, a National Recruitment Challenge where Startup America challenges competitors to recruit small businesses to sign up as a registered firm.

This main event will run through Wednesday, March 7th 2012. Who will be the champ?–Anita “Trends” Campbell or Tim “BPlans Berry”? Only YOU can decide.  Sign up today!

1 thought on “Take the Startup Challenge!

  • Great initiative!

    I am waiting on Tim’s response to my tweet! 😉

    @TimBerry Tim: Are you ready for the punch by Anita @smallbiztrends that will knock you out?! 😉 Btw: What’s @LivePlan?

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