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Email Etiquette No No’s Contest: Winner

The winner has been chosen in the BizSugar “Email Etiquette Contest!” There were a lot of interesting and useful email no-no’s provided and we’d like to thank everyone who participated by leaving their no-no in the comments section of the post.

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Without further adieu, the winner is:

Colleen C. (Twitter: @HumanFerretCAa) ~

“Blank Subject Lines! BLANK! I can’t believe that businesses would do that, but I see a couple of them a month, and it always leaves me bewildered. I’m not sure if it is a simple oversite, or if it is being used as a tool to increase the open rate. There certainly are enough checks and balances in place in most programs that it shouldn’t be on purpose, so I can only guess that some “guru” is out there recommending it as a technique.

The only one I like better than that…or rather dislike…is the subject line “Is this goodbye?”. Please! Enough with the drama to get me to open up your email!”

We’d also like to thank moderator, Amanda Stillwagon of MyFindsOnline, for her assistance in helping to choose the winner.

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