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Small Business Community Adds Facebook Fan page

Joining the BizSugar small business community’s Facebook fan page is simple and free either through the link in this post or on the fan page badge on our blog.

And there are many other features too. You can:

  • Watch a video on how and why to use BizSugar
  • Submit a story to our BizSugar community right from the Facebook fan page
  • Read more about what BizSugar is and how it can help you as a small business owner
  • Check out the BizSugar “wall” with regular feeds from our BizSugar Website and the BizSugar blog to help you keep up with what’s going on in the BizSugar community
  • Learn more about BizSugar including a bit of the history of our community through the “info” section of the page
  • Get an overview of the various features and sections of the BizSugar community including links to our stories and blog through the “Boxes” and “RSS/Blog” sections
  • Get top stories from the front page of BizSugar’s main social media site with direct links to top stories in the “news” tab

Please take some time and explore the new Facebook fan page, learn more about its features and recommend it to a Facebook friend or two. Connect and network with other members of the BizSugar community on Facebook today.

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