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How to Improve Your Small Business Network

Let be your small business network sharing resources and information while getting to know our growing online community of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Here are some simple ways you can improve that small business network with surprisingly little effort:

  • Report bad actors. Sure, BizSugar is a great source of free information and resources on starting a small business or running one for that matter, but there are some people out there who can ruin the experience for everyone else. Whether they are spammers cramming our community with unrelated or straight advertising links and comments, rude members making inappropriate comments or any other person violating the spirit of our community’s simple rules of conduct, if you see a member ruining the site for others please let us know.
  • Tell a friend. If you know someone else you think could benefit from or contribute to our small business community network—local chamber of commerce presidents, business club members, startup entrepreneurs or small business owners—be sure to let them know about We’d love to have them as members and you’ll benefit with the increase in networking potential that new members can provide.
  • Visit and vote for your favorites. Instead of trying to figure out how to set up a small business network on your own, why not join the online community for small business that’s growing fast? But don’t stop at our front page. Be sure to check out and visit our upcoming new links and vote on the ones you find the most helpful. You can help us decide what new articles belong on the front of our site and let other members know which links you found most valuable.
  • Share our content. From getting small business ideas to developing a small business plan,’s passionate membership shares news and information of all kinds pertinent to the small business community and you can do the same. Share information from the BizSugar community on your small business blog or Website via feeds, widgets, buttons and badges. Check out our post on how to “Sweeten Your Website with Small Business Content” to learn more.
  • Share your feedback. Don’t wait until something’s gone wrong to drop us an e-mail at Keep in touch with feedback on what you like, what you don’t and what could do to make this community better. With your support, we can create an ever better experience for all of our members.

2 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Small Business Network

  • Shawn Hessinger: Great post on how to improve your business network.

    As a moderator, I could see that bizSugar is getting more attention, traffic and entries.

    I am sorry to say that some of the new visitors to this site is acting as “free riders” and spamming the place with entries that have no relation to business at all. It is sad to see these parasites in action. The good thing is this is that we have tools to catch them in time, so we could minimize the damage.

    I don’t want to end my comment on a sad note, so I have to say that I am overall very glad to see the increased activity on bizSugar! Please keep the sweet entries coming! 🙂

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