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How To Create Awesome Videos for YouTube and Social Media

How To Create Awesome Videos for YouTube and Social Media

Video is the best-performing content type. If you sell a service, speaking to your audience on camera is incredibly powerful.

But how do you create awesome videos that actually get views and clicks? I’m teaching you my 9-step video creation process that turned video marketing into a well-paid business for me.

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What Makes for Awesome Videos?

What is an awesome video? How do you get videos to generate a profit? Register for our webinar to find out. Want to know if it will be worth it?

Check out these resources featured on Morris Grand’s YouTube channel:

There is much more to know, so don’t miss out! Watch the replay video above.

Who is Morris Grand?

Morris Grand shows coaches and consultants how to create video content for lead generation. And then he teaches how to turn those leads into high paying clients.

He is also the author of the book How to Get High Ticket Clients. You can get a free copy here.

Morris is super sharp as our Mastermind members found out when he was our guest expert for our TipTalk chat on Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Returns – Making calculated, savvy business decisions. 

So you won’t want to miss watching the replay above.

What Does CreateGrowProfit Do?

Morris Grand’s business Create Grow Profit focuses on accelerating business profits through the effective generation of compelling videos.

But the key to making money from these videos is knowing how to follow up with a high-ticket offer. Watch the replay above to find out how.

Why Challenges, Chats and Webinars?

This webinar is part of our BizSugar Mastermind theme of Unleashing Proven Strategies for September. Take this month’s Unleashing Proven Strategies challenge.

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3 thoughts on “How To Create Awesome Videos for YouTube and Social Media

  • Thank you so much for posting this video! We’ve been trying to put together some videos for Youtube to be able to share with clients but it has been really challenging as no one in the business has the skill set to film, edit, etc., so I really appreciate all the tips you’ve mentioned about planning the video. I’m hoping this will help us a lot. Thanks again!

  • Intriguing insights on video profitability! Morris Grand’s expertise shines through, offering valuable strategies for lead generation and high-ticket client conversion. Excited to explore more in the replay!

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