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Top Social Media Faux Pas on TipTalk

ANSWERS Social Media Faux PasDo you cringe or laugh whenever a business makes a social media mistake? Have YOU ever committed a social media faux pas that offended a customer or hurt your reputation?

Well, join us as we chat about the Top Social Media Faux Pas small businesses and brands make.

So whether you’re a business owner who wants to avoid these mistakes, or just someone who loves to laugh at other people’s misfortune, join us for this fun discussion!

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How to Participate in TipTalk

Here are a few tips on how to join TipTalk– nice but not necessary. Watch for the questions in the Social Media Mastermind group – they are bold and highlighted in yellow.

REPLY to the question post – so your answers are grouped together.

  1. Have you ever made a mistake on social media – that you’re willing to share?  What did you learn?
  2. What are the biggest social media mistakes you see businesses or big brands making? How can businesses avoid these mistakes?
  3. Have you ever lost a client or customer as a result of a social media faux pas? What’s the best way to correct an online mistake?
  4. How much damage can a single mistake do to a business’ online reputation?
  5. What are some tips for avoiding common social media mistakes?
  6. What was your most humiliating moment on social media?
  7. Have you ever made a social media faux pas that actually turned out to be a good thing?
  8. Do you ever let others look at social media posts to be sure you are not committing a faux pas?
  9. Have you ever used the wrong hashtag in a post – with comic or horrifying results?
  10. Made a misstep? Is it best to apologize or just delete and hope no one noticed?

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