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Web Design for Small Business with Jon-Mikel Bailey

Web Design with Jon-Mikel Bailey VIDEO REPLAY

Anyone can throw up a website, but not all websites convert visitors into customers. And isn’t that what is most important to any small business?

Watch the video replay below to find out from Jon-Mikel Bailey what factors are critical to web design for small business.

Who is Jon-Mikel Bailey?

Jon-Mikel Bailey is the Chief Development and Marketing Officer (CDMO) at Wellspring Digital. With 25 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Jon has plenty of answers for our members.

His expertise ranges from business development and client engagement to content marketing strategies and other forms of marketing.

Jon is also a consultant, writer and speaker. He is Board Chair of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce. And he has also been a member of the techfrederick Advisory Board.

Jon has been published on MarketingProfs, SpinSucks, {Grow}, Social Media Today, and many other sites. He has spoken at the ITE, MarketingProfs, Digital Summit Series, Grant Thornton, and others.

His Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is from Frostburg State University. Like many in the IT world, he is a musician who plays the drums. His bio says “he has a beautiful wife and daughter who are nuts like he is”.

What Can You Learn from Jon-Mikel?

Web design covers everything from appearance to navigation to how to present your products or services. It has to engender trust in your visitors to turn them into customers.

Jon-Mikel is imminently qualified to advise us on all aspects of building a small business presence online. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions specific to your own business.

Sharing some of his recent content is the best way to convey how comprehensive Jon-Mikel’s background truly is. I recommend at least skimming some of these and then registering to interact with him live.

Each of these posts is a comprehensive mini-lesson in the topic it covers. I highly recommend checking them out.

Small businesses today have more unique challenges than we did pre-pandemic. Making sure your empathy and messaging come across in your online activities will continue to be important going forward.

If you are considering pivoting what you sell due to supply chain issues or the economy, don’t miss this chance to get expert advice in the video above.

Where to Find Jon-Mikel Bailey

Besides the Wellspring Digital blog where many of the posts mentioned above are found, you can find Jon-Mikel on the usual social media sites:

He also writes on Medium and for many other sites.

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