We’re Doing Maintenance July 16 Starting 11 P.M. EST


BizSugar will be undergoing maintenance July 16 beginning at 11 P.M. EST. Maintenance may take several hours. We will keep the community informed of developments.

During the maintenance cycle the site may temporarily be inaccessible and community members may be unable to vote, comment or post. Rest assured we will be back. We are making improvements to assure a better community experience for all. Thanks for your cooperation!


Who: The BizSugar Team

What: Site Maintenance

Where: BizSugar.com

When: Wed. July 16 beginning at 11 P.M. EST

Maintenance image via Shutterstock

1 thought on “We’re Doing Maintenance July 16 Starting 11 P.M. EST

  • The only thing I can do on this site is vote (but I’m not sure they count). Submissions go into a black hole and aren’t listed on my profile page, there are a number of signficant links that don’t work or go nowhere.

    I’m going to be reviewing your site on my small business site shortly as an example of a terrible way to run a site (but I love the look)

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