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Mike Abasov @Mike_Abasov Serves Business With a Smile

The smile on Mike Abasov’s face reflects the joy he feels every time he helps entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

And you’ll see that smile a lot these days after the August launch of Abasov’s new Website, Marketing Before Funding, where he serves up great information to his entrepreneurial following…all for free!

“I first got involved in marketing back when I was 18 years old and living in Ukraine,” Abasov says. “I’ve always been passionate about creating new things and getting people genuinely excited about them. Marketing turned out to be a great outlet for both of those passions.”

Our latest Contributor of the Week insists he still has that passion.

“Fast forward to today, I’m 23, live in Vancouver, Canada, and am still madly in love with my profession,” Abasov says.

He describes his role as helping startups develop winning marketing that sets them apart.

“Sometimes, it involves committing to a company long-term, such as the year I’d spent with HootSuite, a social media startup with now over five million users,” says Abasov. “There, I worked on international growth and helped crowdsource multiple translations of the product as well as establish a global movement of user-organized meetups.”

But, for Abasov, helping businesses share their brand, products, and services with the world didn’t stop when he left HootSuite.

“Other times, I get to do consulting or advising for early-stage tech companies and help them develop strategies and tactics that contribute to their goals while staying within their budget constraints,” he says. “My specialty is inbound marketing which includes content, social media, community management, SEO, and a few other things.”

The launch of his new Website allowed him to share that information with even more potential startups, helping and reaching an ever growing audience.

“So far, it’s been a very rewarding experience, and I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from entrepreneurs who had taken some of my recipes and had great success applying them to their businesses,” Abasov says.

His efforts to share his marketing knowledge with a wider business community led him to seek out places where business leaders gathered online too.

“After launching the blog, I started looking for ways to get my content in front of as many people as possible,” he says. “And that’s where BizSugar comes in. The service helps me reach many new people, and they are usually much more engaged than some of the random visitors I get through, for example, Twitter.”

Those who have regularly seen Abasov’s smiling face here in the BizSugar community, have gotten use to his unique doses of marketing wisdom.

“Sharing new posts on BizSugar has become a part of my publishing routine, and it totally makes my day when an article becomes ‘hot’ or, even better, when someone cares enough to comment on it,” he admits.

What does Abasov see as the other benefits of participating in BizSugar?

“The BizSugar community is also a great way for me to discover the most interesting and relevant articles on the web. I really like the concept of community-driven content curation, and BizSugar is one of my favorite sites to skim through whenever I get to take a break from work,” he says.

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