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Rock Your Biz Behind The Scenes

If you missed it, last week concluded our month long “Rock Your Biz” business blogging contest. The full list of contest winners can be found here.

As you might certainly imagine, it isn’t possible to put together such an extensive undertaking without support from many people. That group, of course, includes you, the members of the BizSugar community.

However, we thought we’d also pull back the curtain a bit to give you a behind the scenes view of some of the other people and organizations integrally involved in making the “Rock Your Biz” contest a success.

First, we’d like to introduce you to our team of BizSugar moderators. These hard working folks keep BizSugar running day to day and they carefully monitored the contest to be sure posts stayed on topic and rules were observed.

I’d also like to express gratitude specifically to moderators Amanda Stillwagon, Sian Phillips, Martin Lindeskog, and Valentine Belonwu specifically for helping me judge the best comment in the contest deciding our second and third prize winners. Thanks guys!

Finally, thanks to community manager Niall Devitt for helping put together the contest and, of course, Anita Campbell, CEO of BizSugar, for agreeing to host the contest in the first place. We had lots of fun, and I’m sure we expanded the community in the process.

Finally, there would have been no “Rock Your Biz” contest at all without our wonderful sponsors listed above who provided all the great prizes for the event. “Rock Your Biz” sponsors include:

  • CorpNet, helping you incorporate or form an LLC–fast, CorpNet is a small business just like you and understands your needs.
  • Grafton Media, a full-service agency based in Dublin providing Graphic Design, Website Design, Web Development, SEO, Social Media Management, Marketing and Mobile App Development.
  • Mind Maple, increasing both your creativity and productivity by organizing your thoughts and ideas into an easy-to-follow mind map.
  • Smart Solutions is an Irish staff development provider providing high quality corporate training and development solutions for businesses of any size and any kind.
  • Just Retweet, an online community that helps you drive traffic to your Twitter account and blog by encouraging retweets to help your message go viral.

Check some of the great prizes our sponsors provided for the Rock Your Biz contest here.

Contests, like “Rock Your Biz” are a great way to raise awareness, build community, and share some truly excellent original content. Let us know how you think we did! We’d love to hear from you!

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