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Marketing Discussion Turns Pinteresting with Stephanie Ward @fireflycoaching

What is all the buzz about Pinterest and should you be using it for your business? Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching, a previous Contributor of the Week here at, dropped in at the BizSugar Facebook page Friday for a chat about what Pinterest has to offer small business.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation. As Ward explained:

Pinterest is different content wise as it’s all about images which people are really attracted to. It also drives traffic to your website. From a business perspective it’s great for selling your products.

Quoting Marketing Mag, Ward added:

“Brands using Pinterest to drive traffic to ecommerce sites are reaping the rewards, with the one-year-old social network already driving more revenue per click than Facebook and Twitter”

Meanwhile, Lorna Sixsmith asked:

Should people open a pinterest account in their own name or their business name? I opened my account quite early and have a board in my own name but am now wondering if I should open an account in my business name (selling online home accessories.)

Stephanie responded:

Great question Lorna! There are pros and cons to having two separate pages, one that’s only personal and one that’s only business. The advantage of having two pages is that it’s clear that people who follow your business page understand it’s for business.The disadvantage is that people like to connect with people more than brands so having a nice mix of your personal boards and your business boards could mean more people follow you. Plus, having two pages means more work for you. Think about it and see what’s right for you. You could always test out having two pages and if it isn’t working out delete one of them.

Stephanie also responded to another member’s question about measuring the ROI on Pinterest:

Measuring is critical. One way to do it to use Google Analytics on your website. There you can see how much of your traffic is coming from Pinterest. And if you’re actually selling things on Pinterest you can measure that directly.

Check out the rest of the chat on the BizSugar Facebook page. Do you use Pinterest for your small business? Tell us how in the comment section below.

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