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Contributor of the Week Ivan Widjaya On BizSugar Tips

How do you use BizSugar to benefit your small business?

Our latest BizSugar Contributor of the Week Ivan Widjaya joined the BizSugar community in May 2010 and may have some suggestions for you.

Since then he has been an active member of our community regularly contributing and sharing content on a wide variety of small business related topics and participating in the Facebook BizSugar community as well.

Ivan also says he uses the resources of the BizSugar community regularly for his own business and has some really cool suggestions for how you can to do the same.

A self-described Webpreneur from Gading Serpong, Indonesia, Ivan works from home and says he makes most of his money online from a variety of Websites he owns and operates himself including,,,,, and

He also does small scale Web development, consulting and buying and selling of sites. Here are some of the ways Ivan uses BizSugar’s community to help his small business grow.

  • Learning more. BizSugar is, first and foremost, a resource of small business information and news. Ivan says he regularly uses BizSugar to tap into the conversation and learn more about what is being talked about in the small business community “to feel the pulse of the industries and find what interest(s) me.”
  • Boosting reputation. But Ivan says BizSugar is also a great tool for boosting reputation and building expertise and for getting your content noticed. “I also use BizSugar to get my own content buzzed, as ‘just build it and they will come’ mentality doesn’t really work in the line of business I am doing right now,” he says. (We couldn’t agree more.)
  • Honing skills. Finally, Ivan says he uses BizSugar to become a better business blogger and a better online business person when it comes to creating content that spreads his message. “And believe it or not, I also learn a lot about the technicalities in how to make a Bizsugar post interesting – titling, description writing, etc. as I believe that no matter how interesting our content is, what makes people ‘vote’ is all depending on how interesting the title/description is – title first, then the description second, full content third,” he explains

How about you? How do you use BizSugar’s community resources to grow your small business? Would you like to be one of our BizSugar Contributors of the Week just like Ivan? It’s easy! Simply sign up for a free BizSugar account, begin sharing content with our small business community and be sure to “like” our Facebook page too. We’d love to have you and your business as regular contributors.

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