BizSugar Blog ยป Miranda Marquit: Contributor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Miranda Marquit: Contributor, Journalist, Entrepreneur

There was a time when a graduate from journalism school dreamt of nothing so much as landing that first beat reporter job at a local or big city newspaper and cutting their teeth on coverage of local politics, the economy, people and places.

But that’s not the path our latest BizSugar Contributor of the Week Miranda Marquit took upon completing her MA in journalism from Syracuse University.

“…I began freelancing, looking for gigs online so that I could support my family and stay home with my son while my husband worked on his Ph.D,” Marquit explained in a recent e-mail interview.

It was at that point that Marquit came across the format that would define her own business endeavors.

“I was offered a corporate blogging job and that introduced me to the idea that I could specialize in providing blog content for others,” she said.

Today, that business serves a variety of clients.

“Blogs are an important part of the online space, and I provide content for several blogs,” said Marquit.

“While I got my start in science and technology, I mostly write for business and personal finance blogs now.”

Marquit is proud of the niche her business fills and believes both readers and clients for whom she provides content end up benefitting.

“I like to think that I do more than just provide content for my clients; I like to think that I am helping readers improve their finances, and improve their ability to work for themselves as business owners,” she explained.

Marquit says she is a fan and regular user of for a variety of reasons.

“BizSugar has been great for my business, since part of being a professional blogger is sharing through social media,” Marquit said via e-mail. “I can share my business posts with a specialized community, and BizSugar is also a great place for me to learn more about running my own business, since it features great posts from a variety of experts.”

Marquit is also excited this week with the launch of her very own Website, Planting Money Seeds, a blog focused on home business, investing and savvy personal finance.

“I’m excited because, up until now, I have only written for others’ financial and business blogs.” Marquit said. “Now I will truly have a financial home on the web — one I hope will provide useful information, through posts I share, to members of the BizSugar community.”

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