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Project Management Tips Contest Winners

The winners have been chosen in the “Project Management Tips Contest!” There were many great tips provided and we’d like to thank everyone who participated by leaving their idea in the comments section of the post.

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Without further adieu, the winners are:

Tea Silvestre of The Word Chef:

“My top 2 tips: 1- reverse engineer the timeline. Thinking backwards from your goal can help ensure that you don’t miss any steps and that enough time is built into the process for each; 2- close out email and social media (unplug!) so that distractions are minimized. When I have at least 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time, I really get things done.”

And Bethany Davidson of MagicLogix:

“I have been on both ends of a project. Good project management is what takes a project from a good idea to a successful, well executed campaign. It all starts with planning, motivation and delegating responsibilities. Planning doesn’t stop with an overview; good planning pin points the fine details to make a project run smoothly. My best tip is to always take responsibility and take charge. When the campaign goes well, praise the team behind you, and if it fails; take the blame. Never assume something is going to get done, even if it is delegated. Instead, follow up on each task. Maintaining a good balance of strategy and leadership is important and most importantly, motivation is a big key factor in getting your team on board. People are motivated differently, so paying attention to the details of the project, even to the point of adjusting to different learning curves and motivational factors. True leadership involves taking responsibility and maintaining integrity.”

We’d also like to thank our moderators for helping to choose the winners. Many thanks to Amanda Stillwagon of MyFindsOnline and Duncan Campbell.

Stay tuned for the month of Octobers contest which is coming soon!

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