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You may have noticed our tag cloud here at BizSugar.  Or maybe not….  There’s nothing special about it.  It’s just a page with a bunch of keyword tags.  You could see a similar page on tens of thousands of websites online.

But when was the last time you saw a tag cloud in the shape of your logo?  I frankly had never thought about it, until a reader in the U.K. sent me logos for BizSugar and another of our sites, Small Business Trends, with the respective site’s word clouds.

Here’s the BizSugar logo turned into a word cloud:

(click for larger image)

Common words like “Comment” and “Vote” are in there.  But you also see several names of site users in there.

It’s not so much a keyword tag cloud, but a word cloud. It was created by David DeSouza, who runs a popular tax-refund site called TaxFix in the U.K. and another called Being Self Employed. He knows that many bloggers get a lot of email.  So he created the logo word clouds as a way to get the blogger’s attention so he could start building a relationship with them.  He picks often-used words from the blogger’s blog, and turns them into a word cloud — but with a twist. He uses a free online tool called Tagxedo to create the word cloud in the shape of the blogger’s logo.

I also wrote about it over at Small Business Trends, noting it was a creative way to get a blogger’s attention as you are doing blogger outreach.

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